Mohamed Isman

Mohamed Isman is Associate Partner of IntelligentHQ, Ztudium Group. Mohamed is a well known ‘force of nature’ within Financial Services Industry, with a track record spanning more than 12 years in finance media publishing. Up to date he has been involved in the development of 3 successful companies and contributing with global corporations. His strengths lie in creating global publishing strategies, content, spearheading Media Advertisement models, Sales / Revenues and also business development and strategy. Founder of Financial-I Limited, which includes publications such as: Financial-I Magazine, Best Execution Magazine, and Islamic Investor, he created as well Red-Box Publishing Services: a contract publishing and Media Buying company. He was also co-founder of Trade Magazine. An accomplished thought leader, Mohamed expertise lies in Global financial trends, 360 degrees media solutions, Transaction Banking ,Trading technology, and Islamic finance.

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