José de Sousa

José de Sousa is an Executive Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Neuroleadership consultant for entrepreneurs starting up their business and for companies undergoing organizational restructuring initiatives. He also provides personal support and development, through coaching and mentoring to people, that like him, have suffered the loss of a parent in their teen years. He is the Chief Success Officer of Yes! – YouEnsureSuccess! ®, an HR consulting company to be created that will dedicate to personal and corporate development, to deliver Coaching, NeuroLeadership related training and consulting. He is ACC (Associate Certified Coach) accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation) and has five years of coaching experience, having delivered internal coaching to former colleagues and directors at EDS and HP, supporting their leadership development. José has delivered more than 250 hours of coaching to colleagues in the US, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Italy, UK, India and Portugal. He has nineteen years finance analysis and controlling experience, fifteen of which in the IT outsourcing sector- in EDS and then in HP Enterprise Services, and from those, nine of them in international context, at an EMEA level.