Sunday, September 22, 2019

Henning Gloersen

Henning Gloersen
Henning Gloersen (twitter: @HenningGloersen) started his maritime career in the Royal Norwegian Navy, where he sailed onboard various vessels. He continued into a shore based career roles specializing in Shipping and Logistics. Henning's education degrees include: BA in Shipping & Logistics; BA in Nautical Science; ICS PQE Certificate (MICS) in Shipping Business, Tanker Chartering, Ship Operations & Management and Ship Sale & Purchase. In his recent years in the commercial industry, he worked for such market leaders as Brostrom Tankers, Maersk Tankers and Zodiac Maritime Agencies. His responsibilities included market analysis, overseeing operators and managing operations for wet, dry, containers and car carriers, supervision of agencies, negotiating agency and towage contracts.  Starting as a Market Analyst and continuing his career in the commercial shipping operations, Henning Gloersen has build the knowledge and understanding of what factors affects the industry and influence the strategic decision making for market players.

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