Dickson Nsofor

Dickson Nsofor Dickson is a Nigerian born serial entrepreneur with several years of experience leading organizations and start-ups in Internet and mobile technology. He has years of experience as a Blockchain researcher and Advisor to a number of New York based Blockchain and AI startups. He used to head the Global business development arm of Globizme Shenzhen Electronics Company China where he went on to grow the company’s influence to India, UK and Western Africa. Dickson co-founded the “Lixon Mobile” project, a low-cost mobile phone brand with the mission of providing smartphones to everyone in Africa. He also co-founded the “LIC tablet” project, an educational tablet company that partnered with educational publishing houses to deliver affordable edu-social tablets to secondary and tertiary educational institutions across Africa. Both companies were acquired by GSEMC China in 2016. He shortly gained training and experience in IT project management at the Office of Information and Communication Technology in the United Nations Headquarters, New York. Dickson holds a Bachelors Degree in Information and communication Technology from the prestigious Covenant University Nigeria and Masters in International Economics and Business from Nankai University China.

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