Are Bots Going to Change the Way Our Shopping Malls Work?

Are Bots Going to Change the Way Our Shopping Malls Work?

The experience of going to the supermarket will change in a short time thanks to the adoption of new technologies that make everything much easier. Stores without ATMs, automatic scanning, mobile applications, self-payment kiosks, voice assistants, reduced queues to the minimum and payment will be much faster. Best of all, robots are already being field tested, so the technology of the future is already being implemented in supermarkets.

At the Dawn of the Store Robot Era

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Robotization of supermarkets is already a reality in many countries. As a first step, companies start pilot programs with robots for a period of time as a trial, and then analyze the reaction of users and visitors to their stores. These robotization programs are having such an impact, success and acceptance that companies are already taking the next step, by extending the implementation of the robotic devices they require with the alliance of technological companies specialized in the development of intelligent technology for supermarkets. 

That’s right, new technologies are bursting in covering a number of localities and you must be ready because the same upgrade will happen in your neighborhood’s supermarkets in a matter of not much time. The basic idea pursued by the big supermarket chains is to improve the experience of the buyer and the visitor and to reduce costs in the internal management of these big companies of the retail field.

The Supermarket Robotics Technology Coming Up

We currently have a variety of complementary technologies very well implemented in many supermarkets, such as mobile applications that allow customers to make their shopping list, get discount coupons or locate the nearest store. But what about the exigencies of the immediate future?

These robots grant the supermarket space with a special feeling, they seem to be full of empathy and charm, even though they are not human-shaped, but they’re so nice.  Let’s say something about Tally, which belongs to the Californian startup Simbe Robotics. This 97-centimeter machine moves around using sensors that, as it passes by, go mapping out the store to avoid obstacles. Its objective is to verify and maintain an adequate inventory of the supermarket shelves. To do so, it will make a continuous reading of the place, in order to help the employees to keep the shelves always supplied, to give the precise location of the items and even to monitor the supplies that may be overdue. All this is possible in virtue of the cameras and vision processing software that the Tally robot is equipped with.

Store robots are not shaped like humanoids, they are a kind of module with wheels that circulate between the shelves and aisles of the stores. They have a large electronic stick that protrudes from one of their sides, covering the entire height of the shelves. This model of stick contains several sensors, cameras and spotlights. The shopping bots use computer vision and proximity sensors to avoid bumping into each other or straying from their path. This way they are always ready to locate all the items in existence, like products that have been sold out, incorrect prices and labels that have been lost. They will also attend to products that are purchased through the Internet.

Thanks to tech advances such as Tally, the quality of user service will rise and the decreasing margins of the supermarkets will be able to recover quickly. The competition among the main brands will acquire an unprecedented dynamic, benefiting the user experience based on a constant updating of products, generating a strong client loyalty.

Positive internal impact of the Supermarket Robot

The rise of robots has led to an intense debate about the effects on the labor market following their bots implementation. Let’s look at the differences in robot adoption among companies and analyze the labor market effects of robot adoption at the company level. The positive impact will be seen in the redistribution of labor and market shares in this area, under the premise that companies that adopt robots create new job opportunities and expand their scale of operations, while those that stay away from the futuristic scenario will experience negative effects on production and employment at the face of a tougher competition. 

All of this will be customized according to field experience, so that is the real future, a constant and exciting dynamic in the efficient distribution of the manufacturer’s products flowing to the hands of the consumer. The age of robotics in this area will have a very positive impact on the internal environment of the supermarkets because it will free up time for the partners to focus on improving their capabilities with greater efficiency by focusing on what is most important and interesting: working in a modern, futuristic, ever growing and exciting supermarket.

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