Amrita Sen And Dinis Guarda Create Mindfulness And Rediscover Self At “Finding Your Atom” Podcast

Amrita Sen and Dinis Guarda create mindfulness and rediscover self at “Finding Your Atom”, the new podcast series.

• The podcast was conceived by the creators of “Music For” YouTube series to create a sphere for self-reflection, and understanding yourself at the most basic of levels. Amrita and Dinis commit to take you through the journey of various special guests, and learn how they realised their ‘Personal atomic Identifier’. 

• Episode one is now live on YouTube and selected podcast directories with Special Guest Steven Husak.

“Finding Your Atom” is the fresh podcast series by Amrita Sen, artist, designer, and producer, and Dinis Guarda, author, and founder of citiesabc and openbusinesscouncil. The two come together again, after the success of their previous podcast series “Music For” with another concept of recognising unique identifiers and motivating the audiences with increased mindfulness and self-awareness. The podcast is available on Dinis Guarda YouTube channel and major podcast directories.

The presenters of the podcast are adept with the knowledge of meditation fundamentals and consequently emphasise negating the cacophony of the thoughts in our lives, focussing our energies on the relevant one. Thus, “Finding Your Atom” could be a unique opportunity to glue yourself with your own personality.

Amrita, who already created her podcast space with “Music For”, aesthetically embarked on the journey of meditation and wellbeing with music. With her new podcast, she benchmarks the principles and practices she herself has been implementing for many years.

“Let’s shrink down. What are you good at, at the most atomic of levels? Once we think about that, it becomes very clear every person has a thing. There are about 7 billion people in the world. It seems less likely that even five of them are identical. It’s impossible. There are billions and billions of stars in the universe, they have their own unique formation identifiers. Then, why is it so hard to believe that every soul in the world, including mine or my mom’s (who is in heaven now), has a unique identifier? I want to challenge everybody: what is your atomic level identifier? What is really the essence where you have something to say. What is it that only you can say? We will have to shrink it to that level”, Amrita explains excitedly.

In its first episode, Steven Husak, (intro of the personality) reveals his journey of exploration of his own ‘Atom’. He gradually unveils the challenges he faced in his extensive career in business, evolving his strategies over time based on various parameters. He also shares his experiences during the journey, and the ways he has embraced the digital frameshift in the entire industry.

“Neil Armstrong had some fears when he stepped on the moon, and we are not anything even close to that. That’s it, don’t be afraid to take chances, go with it. Even if nobody trusts you, go with your dream”, he reassuringly reveals in the end.

Dinis Guarda, co-host of the podcast shares, “Looking at the layers of the society, understanding the concept of finding one’s atom is extremely fundamental in comprehending the pace and direction of life, providing it enough impetus and consequently projecting in the most relevant direction. This is what mindfulness is. This is what the practice of self-awareness and reflection is, as guided by the most pious meditation and yoga practices since centuries. For me, creativity and the love of my dear ones is ‘My Atom’. It drives me to accept and embrace challenges in various ways, and keeps me motivated enough to find ways through every situation”.  

Music For podcast is available on Dinis Guarda YouTube Channel and major podcast directories.

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