Amazon Marketing Services: A Quick Guide

Amazon Marketing Services: A Quick Guide

What is Amazon Marketing Services?

Amazon Marketing Service (AMS) was created to help sellers advertise their products and find more customers. Most marketing services for amazon sellers have performance reports to help optimize your marketing campaigns.

How Can I Start?

To start using marketing services for amazon sellers, you must sign into an account. You’ll see “Advertising” in the navigation section of your page. Once you’re there, press “Create Your First Ad” to get started.

Before doing that, you need to understand the different services that are available.

Sponsored Product Ads

With these campaigns, choose the products that you want to advertise. With Sponsored Product Ads, your product will be directly shown to your target audience. The minimum daily budget is $1, so its easy to get started!

  • Issues to Consider

However, it can be expensive if you’re trying to use reach more customers. You might have to pay around $250 or more to increase your product reach. To optimize your campaign, we suggest that you utilize your keyword suggestions to improve your product’s ranking.

Headline Search Ads

As a seller, you can use a landing page to help get started. To show display ads, you’ll need to have a budget for your campaign that’s about $100. You can add an image and a headline to your ads.

Here are the most common reasons why you’ll need a landing page.

  • You’re making a temporary flash site
  • You’re creating a site with your own domain

In either situation, you don’t want to waste time trying to keep your site functional and appealing to your customers. Fortunately, landing pages offer inexpensive and easy to use tools to help your focus on selling your product.

  • Issues to Consider

Speed vs. Functionality is the major trade-off. While landing pages are great for getting your customers interested, they tend to lack the advanced features most complete websites offer. Because of this, you’ll have to pay extra to pay for a web designer to help perfect the appearance of your long-term website.

Logo Design

If you’re trying to establish your brand or create a website, you’ll need a logo to differentiate yourself from the competition. Chances are your entrepreneurial skills are better than your artistic skills. So you’ll need to hire a good designer to help you get the logo that you want.

  • Issues to Consider

Some sites require you to create an NDA contract with your designers. This prevents them from releasing information about your product while it’s still in the pre-launch stage. Make sure to give your designers information on your product, website, and the audience you plan to target.

SEO and Social Media

If you have your own brand or site, then getting an SEO expert is crucial to getting noticed. They can help by creating new, original content that helps spread the word of your new products.

  • Issues to Consider

Finding a good SEO and social media expert is difficult. There is a lot of skilled people in the field, so if you’re trying to improve your product’s awareness in a local area, ask companies that have previous experience with local providers.


Basically, there is a multitude of marketing services for amazon sellers that are available. It’s up to you to decide which one is best for your business. Try each one and develop a strategy to help grow your e-commerce site or business.