Amazon Cloud Drive: Pros and Cons

Amazon Cloud Drive: Pros and Cons

Cloud storage services are some of the most necessary tools nowadays. More and more people leave important data on their phones or their computers. Sometimes, data can be lost due to malfunction of the device or other problems. This is why storing up your data on a cloud service is a great idea.

There are a lot of services that offer cloud storage so you need to pick the best for you. The service we are going to talk about is Amazon Cloud Drive. Here you are going to find a small amazon drive app review as well as its pros and cons.

General Info

Amazon Drive, also known as Amazon Cloud Drive, is a cloud storage solution which also offers data restoration. This service offers unlimited storage for photos and about 5 GB of space for your data on their basic account. You can also receive more data space if you choose another paid plan.

You should also know that this service is designed for personal use and not for business. It is a great service for backing up and restoring files. Also, it can be used to manage videos and photos. This service is more indicated for people who like to upload videos and photos.

Plans and Pricing

This cloud storage service only has 2 paid plans. In comparison to other services, this one has less features and space for your data. Although, considering the price, it has a good price-service report.

Their first plan comes with 100GB data space for only $11.99/ year. Those who got this plan are able to upload files and folders from their phones, tablets, PCs, or Fire Devices. They can also backup and review all of their content from the same devices.

The other plan includes 1TB of videos, photos, and file storage and its price is 59.99/year. As you can see, their prices are on the budget-friendly side. This is a plus considering the fact that some cloud storage solutions have high prices.

Pros and Cons

Like other cloud services, Amazon Drive has its ups and downs. One of its best feature is the cross-platform compatibility. The price of the service is also great, considering its features. Despite this fact, some mentioned that it only has 2 plans, which might not leave enough options for their customers.

This service works great with Amazon Prime and it offers a great upload/download speed. If you are passionate about photos you will be glad to know that they offer unlimited photo storage. Also, if you are new to the cloud service tech, you don’t have to worry because Amazon Drive is very easy to use. They have a drag and drop option so you don’t have to go through a lot of settings to upload a file.

Their desktop application however is not one of their best works. Some users complained about the fact that it is a bit prohibitive. Also, you need to insert your credit card number in order to set up the account. Some believe that this is not secure. Despite this fact, the security of this service is one of their best features. Also, there is no file versioning. You should take into consideration the fact that this is a basic cloud storage service designed only for personal use. Those who want a service for their business, should search for another cloud storage option.

This service is best for people who just want to store their photos and some small files. It is quite simplistic. While this might be a disadvantage, it is actually better because it makes it easier to use. Also, Amazon Drive is a reliable cloud storage service that offers a high security level.

When you want to back up files, there are 2 ways in which you can do so. Either by using their Web app or the desktop app. Both of them have the drag-and-drop features which is simple to use and faster. The file restoration is also a simple feature to use.

The restoration is fast so you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing it. You can download all the files in your computer by hitting one button. Also, you can choose which files you want to restore and just drag them to your desktop.

The Amazon Drive is a great cloud storage option for individuals, especially for those who take a lot of photos or videos. It comes with a budget-friendly price and great features. Its simple design and commands are great for people who just started using cloud storage.