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Are you a start-up, established corporation or marketing agency looking to publish premium content reaching tens of thousands on social media and beyond?

If the answer is yes, Intelligenthq Advertising is just what you are looking for!

So, who are we and what do we do?

A platform and blog at the forefront of the digital revolution based on news, tech, fintech and innovation, we sell sponsored content, articles and banners and get your content out there so it can be SEEN…by as many influential people and businesses as possible.

Who will see your content?

One of the unique elements of Intelligenthq advertising is our extensive audience. Here’s a taster of the sheer volume of people who would view your content:

  • We have been running for 8 years so have amassed a huge audience.
  • We average 1 million impressions a month
  • We attract 190 K visitors a month
  • We have 50 K email subscribers
  • We have 1 K contributors
  • We have  4 K + meaningful posts

With millions of visitors to our sight and a top-quality only approach, many are experts, innovators and change-makers in the digital world, highly influential for your business or and ultimately your PROFIT.

What kind of content do we publish and what gives it the edge? 


In-depth articles
Thought Leadership Interviews
State of the art digital news coverage
A range of media: YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify and Apple Podcasts
Wiki Directories
And whatever other contemporary concepts and ideas you can offer us!

What do we offer?

  • Tailored content/ research publication/Interview
  • Social media promotion/ Digital reputation management
  • White paper creation
  • Banners
  • Display CPM/ Display affiliate
  • Company profile on directory

So how about our social media followers?

We know more than anyone the power of social media when it comes to digital marketing.

Are you ready to be amazed at the numbers of global viewers, followers, subscribers etc. you are going to reach with Intelligenthq? Well, here we go…

30 K+ Followers on Twitter
152 K+ Followers on Facebook
10 K+ followers on Instagram
1 K+ subscribers on YouTube

We know we can help make your business successful if you advertise with us!

Our figures speak for themselves.

It’s time to take that next step and get your company out to the world.

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