8 Ways to Increase Your Knowledge with Your Android Smartphone

8 Ways to Increase Your Knowledge with Your Android Smartphone

Smartphones are an integral part of most people’s lives. You talk, text, take pictures, play games, and use your smartphone for many other tasks. But did you know you can also learn a new language, brush up on your math skills, or study history? All you need to increase your knowledge is a smartphone, an app, and a little bit of time. Next time you’re waiting in a lengthy line, sitting on a train, or just bored, try one of these apps.

If you want to expand your knowledge and train your brain, you’ll need a phone that can run the latest apps and has enough storage space. If your existing phone won’t support these functions, check out the latest mobile phone plans to find a device that support you to build your knowledge.

Lumosity Brain Trainer

Check out the Lumosity Brain Trainer app for boosting your brain power, avoiding distractions, increasing your work productivity, and enhancing your multitasking abilities, and play fun games while improving your mind. The app tracks your progress and highlights your improvements. Use the app on an Android phone like the LG G6 from T-Mobile for quick downloads. T-mobile recently received the ranking of fastest network nationwide from OpenSignal.

Watch TED Talks 

This conference is so popular that there’s now a Netflix version of TED Talks. But if you’d rather access the knowledge for free, just download the TED Talks app on your smartphone. This lecture series features fascinating and successful people offering information on a wide variety of topics. The speakers include entrepreneurs, scientists, CEO’s, actors, singers, artists, and more. Plus, the speakers are so passionate about their topics that you don’t realize you’re learning just by listening.

Watch TED Talks videos

SAT Vocab by Mindsnacks

Anyone who’s attended high school knows about the SATs. It’s a rite of passage for those entering college, and the test includes an intimidating vocabulary section that high schoolers spend hours preparing for. But now, instead of endless flashcards, you can use your phone and learn the fun way. Although the app helps those planning on taking the SAT test, it’s also great for expanding your own vocabulary.


Ever dreamed of learning a foreign language? There’s an app for that. Duolingo helps you learn a second language for free, unlike other language learning apps. Using pictures and audio along with vocabulary words helps you learn quickly. Use the sentence translation exercises, and you’ll speak like a native in no time. You can even set up a friendly competition and see who among your pals accumulates the most points earned for correct answers.

Today in History

Here’s an app for trivia lovers, history buffs, and the generally curious. Select any date in history, and then scroll through the major events that have happened on that day over the years. Categories include births, events, deaths, holidays, and more. Choose an event, add your own information about the date, and then share your findings on Facebook and Twitter.


If you’re like many people, you left your math skills back in high school the day you graduated. And while some jobs require math, for those that don’t use this skill every day, the Mathemagics app can help you solve problems without a calculator. The app offers math tricks plainly written so you understand the process. After finishing a lesson and the practice exercises, a check mark appears next to that topic. As your skill increases, your on-screen title changes. Eventually, you’ll earn the title of “Mathemagician.”


This app lets you listen in on profound philosophical discussions on a variety of topics. Select from education, art, beauty, parenting, or other categories. Learn the ideologies, notions, and theories on these topics. You’ll sound like a professor after just a few short sessions. Indeed, this is a fantastic way to study a variety of topics and expand your knowledge base in general.

World Geography Challenge

Wondering where in the world Waldo is visiting? Here’s an app that helps you find Waldo and anything else on the seven continents. Hover your finger over a spot and learn the country name and other facts. Then try the challenge mode and play against the clock to find out how much you remember.

Next time you have a few spare minutes, don’t just idly swipe through your phone. Try one of these brain games designed to increase your knowledge, fine-tune your memory, and improve your focus and cognitive functions.

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