8 Steps to Build a Social Media Strategy

Social media hype can make you feel uncomfortable and overwhelming. Perhaps you jump too soon on the bandwagon without thoroughly having thought about it. On the other end of the spectrum you might be having an analysis paralysis, ending up in stalling and not acting on the potential opportunities. But with a lot of other strategy models, this one is too social-media-centric… read further what I mean with that.

Source: socialmediaexplorer.com via Damarque on Pinterest


I still think this infographic and representation of a social media strategy approach is too social-media-centric. Why start only at the third step the goal? To me this sounds like, we have new channels, what shall we try to achieve with it.

Instead of what is the business need that needs to be solved? and only then you will create a cross-functional team etc.

Social media will never be really effective if social media is the starting point. The starting point has to be the business. How can you otherwise create the right cross-functional team if you don’t know where the needs are in the organization?

The outcome can well be that social media is not the solution to the need and problem. You will be investing a lot of time and monetary investments.

How to be succesful with social media?

  • Align social media strategy with business objectives
  • Build internal capabilities
  • Tailor organizational design to operations
  • Create a culture of sharing, accountability and learning

Do you first make sure the abovementioned four points are in place?

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