7 Typical MBA Essay Questions and How to Answer Them

7 Typical MBA Essay Questions and How to Answer Them

Many modern students choose MBA programs because such major can give you a good kick-start to your career and all the necessary skills and knowledge.

However, there is a nuance to keep in mind. Many business schools are considered to be prestigious educational institutions, and thus, applying to them may be a bit more challenging than you expected.

One of the main issues that applicants face is difficult MBA essay questions. Of course, you can choose to order an essay online instead of writing it, but, in any case, it is beneficial to know how to answer these questions, as this will give you more confidence.

Different schools can provide different MBA essay questions. However, they always have something in common. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most common MBA essay questions, explain what is expected from you, and give you some useful tips on how to handle these questions with ease.

“Why are you choosing MBA” questions

This is one of the most often asked questions, and thus, it is one of the most important ones. The admission committee wants to hear why you deserve to study in their school. If you were asked to write an essay on this topic, don’t hesitate to highlight your skills and knowledge, talk about your career goals, and explain how the particular school and program can fully realize your professional potential.

Questions related to your personal accomplishments

It doesn’t have to be something huge. It is much better to write about a small accomplishment that is very significant to you, and that shows your good qualities that are valued by the particular school and its community.

Questions related to your interests, hobbies and extracurricular activities

Every school, college or university is a community. And schools often want to see their students as bright and versatile personalities, so you should prove that you are here not only to read books and attend classes but also to become a part of the community. And don’t hesitate to tell how talented and creative you are.

Questions related to challenges and failures

Many students have a wrong approach to this question. But don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes, as it is exactly what is expected from you! Tell what happened, how you handled it, and how this experience helped you (or can help in future). Your goal is to be as honest as possible and show the committee that you can admit your mistakes, draw a conclusion, and learn from your failures.

Questions related to your leadership skills

Every businessperson is a leader! And the admission committee wants to see whether you have leadership skills. Usually, this question will be related to the teamwork somehow, and you will have to talk about a situation in your life when you have helped a team to create a healthy environment, collaborate with each other, and together contribute to finding a solution. In such essay try to focus on the team, instead of talking only about yourself.

Role model related topics

Who is a role model for you? Your answer to this question will help the committee to find out what qualities you value in other people, but try to stay away from clichés to make your essay stand out. Provide clear examples and try to go beyond the “traditional characteristics”.

Questions related to contribution and diversity

As was mentioned earlier – school is a community, and your answer to this question must indicate two important things:

  • How you treat people with different background;
  • How can you contribute into the enriching the school’s community.

Here, you can discuss pretty much anything that shows that you are a diverse person with strong values and desire to make a contribution to the society.

Final words

Now you know what to expect from MBA essay questions and know how to handle them, so go ahead and follow your dreams. Good luck!