7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn How to Code

The world is no longer the same place it was a decade ago, mainly due to developments in the technological sector. With the modern world increasingly incorporating digital innovations and technologies, it is imperative to stay ahead of the curve with respect to changing needs and requirements.

7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn How to Code

Coding is one of the primary skills that has risen sharply in demand. Although coding is nothing new, the skill has resurfaced today with an increased value within our increasingly digital world.

While learning how to code might seem a skill specific to the IT industry, it can readily be learned and practiced in many professions. This article provides detailed insights into seven reasons why every individual should consider learning how to code.

High Demand

The world is moving rapidly towards automation and artificial intelligence. These fields have revolutionized the modern-day world and paved the future for computer and information technology.

Hence, such changes have brought a greater need for coders. Coding is necessary for most businesses that intend to optimize operations. This has not only provided coders flexibility but also multiple job opportunities to choose from!

Coding Is Easy to Learn

Unlike many other courses and skills, basic coding is something that almost anyone can learn and practice. Coding does not require many prerequisites, and unlike in the past, coding courses and bootcamps are now easily accessible.

Many online websites and offline platforms teach this valuable skill at affordable prices. One of the most popular platforms, Learner’s Guild, offers quality education through its comprehensive programs and courses.

Career Development

Perhaps the most important reason one should learn how to code is how it has a significant impact on career development. Coding can do wonders for your career in many ways and opens several new paths and options to take on. It is also important to note how these benefits are not just specific to the IT industry alone.

  1. Software Development Opportunities 

Coding enables an individual to take become a software developer. The job of a software developer is highly dependent on how well the said individual can code. Learning how to code well can even help you become a software engineer.

  1. Career Flexibility

Learning how to code can provide more flexibility while choosing career fields. With other degrees, individuals are limited to specific sectors. This isn’t the case with coding. You may end up coding in healthcare or the automobile industry, or you could be part of a team creating software such as this parental control app. Hence, you will be allowed to choose which career field excites you the most, a luxury not many skills provide.

  1. Coding makes your application unique

One of the most significant reasons you should learn and practice coding is the competitive advantage this skill provides you. If we discuss job applications, coding is one of the most important practical skills an individual can have, regardless of the sector. This skill significantly improves your chances of being recruited!

You will likely be engaging with those employees who are coding within the company. However, if you have sufficient knowledge of coding, it will not only allow you to understand and bridge the communication gap with the IT department but also enable you to run major or minor codes yourself!

  1. Freelancing Opportunities

Freelancing has been a growing trend in the corporate world throughout the last few years. Freelancing has allowed individuals to take on work and different projects according to their choice and availability.

Today, coding has turned into a significant freelancing opportunity. Many top companies have decided to outsource their projects and tasks related to coding to find the right individuals. The number of freelancers in the IT industry is currently somewhere between 5 to 7 million!

Financial Security

It is no secret that jobs in the technological sector are usually high-earning opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for software developers, for example, was $109,020. Hence, learning how to code is an excellent investment to make. The opportunities are not only numerous but also financially rewarding.

Coding Teachers Persistence

There is no doubt that coding can sometimes be a challenging job. It requires a lot of time and effort, and sometimes writing codes for a specific project can be exhausting. Even once codes are written, it gets time-consuming to look for errors due to which these codes might not run.

Hence, it is safe to say that coding can teach one how to be resilient. It enables one to brainstorm on potential errors and strategies and teaches how to stay patient throughout the coding process. This skill is something that coders then later incorporate into their everyday lives!

Coding Incorporates Problem-Solving Skills

For those who practice coding, perhaps one of the best interpersonal skills they can acquire is problem-solving. Coding is a job that asks for complex problems to be simplified and solved. Most of the time, these codes require a lot of logical thinking and creativity to ensure the task is completed. Hence, routine coders have sharpened their critical thinking skills and improved their decision-making when it comes to various real-life problems as well!

Coding Can be Fun

What most individuals fail to understand about coding is the element of fun that it can bring. Coding is now considered a skill that is technological and technical. However, the satisfaction you will get after solving a complex problem with hours of effort is a unique feeling. Finding solutions to these problems is exciting, and with every challenge comes the motivation to find a way out. Coding can be interpreted like a maze game, where you stumble across different paths to find the right one.


In the last decade, the value of coding has increased exponentially. Coding has taken over almost every industry and holds immense significance over each industry’s performance. Today, programmers and developers are working in almost every sector of the economy, which is not true for most other fields. Hence, you must incorporate coding into your skillset to attain numerous lucrative opportunities in various sectors.