7 Essential Tools Every Tradesman Needs

Whatever trade you work in, whether you’re a builder, electrician or plumber, you need the right tools for the job. Without them, you’ll find tasks take twice as long and are much trickier to complete. And to run a successful business, you must be efficient when it comes to time spent on jobs. Here, we look at the essential power tools every tradesman should have in their van.

  • Angle grinder

An angle grinder is a must-have for most tradesman. Often known as a disc grinder or side grinder, it essentially grinds or cuts materials such as tile, metal, mortars and pavers. Angle grinders can also be used to polish or sand materials, making it a hugely versatile tool.

  • Power drill

A power drill is an electric tool primarily used to make holes in wood, plastic or metal. They can usually be fit with a drill or driver bit depending on what you are using it for. Many tradesmen also fit them with a screwdriver bit to assemble items quickly and easily.

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  • Pliers

Pliers can be used for a variety of essential tasks, typically for bending wires or holding them in place. There are a variety of jaw shapes and sizes you can get with different benefits, for instance flat jaw pliers for gripping and side-cutting wires for snipping.

  • Screwdriver

Depending on how much you use it, you may wish to get a handheld or powered screwdriver for your toolbox. It’s important to have a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different screw heads, including flat and cross-shaped blade tips.

  • Tape measure 

Arguably the most essential tool for any tradesman, a tape measure will make sure that you get the job done accurately each and every time. Whether you’re an electrician measuring space for a new socket or a kitchen fitter sizing up some units, you’ll need a quality tape measure to hand.

  • Jigsaw

A jigsaw accurately cuts pieces out of wood, metal, plastic, ceramic and more, making it a must-have for many labourers. It’s multi-functional and can be used to cut curved and straight sections from materials. As they are relatively safe and easy to use, they are widely adopted across the construction industry.

  • Sander

Sanders are used to smooth down surfaces, usually wood. Electric versions are most popular as they can cover a large surface area extremely quickly compared to handheld models. They come in handy for anyone making upgrades to home interiors, for instance prepping walls before painting. For a more detailed work, there are models like the ones mentioned in the straight line air sander reviews, which are known to use straight strokes for a more stable sanding.

Before you start work on the job, make sure you have all the essential tools you need. Companies like SGS Engineering stock a huge selection of great tools at great prices, so you can always perform at your best.

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