6 Benefits of Sim Only Deals in 2019

6 Benefits of Sim Only Deals in 2019
6 Benefits of Sim Only Deals in 2019

Many people often choose a mobile phone contract that includes a brand new smartphone. In most cases, people are attached to an expensive contract that lasts for 24 months.

However, it is possible to sign-up to a more flexible and affordable contract, which doesn’t need to include investing in a new device.

If you are happy with your current handset or are thinking of paying for a smartphone outright, you should read about the six benefits of SIM only deals in 2019.

  • Greater Flexibility

Most SIM only deals don’t require customers to attach themselves to a lengthy contract. It’s possible to opt for either a rolling one-month contract or a 12-month plan. By doing so, you will have more flexibility when it comes to your tariff, which you can change to meet your needs and budget.

  • An Affordable Option

As there will be no cost of a smartphone to factor into your chosen plan, you can expect to pay a smaller amount for a tariff. So, you could receive the same amount of data and phone minutes as a contract plan, but without the expensive price tag.

However, you will need to already possess a smartphone to use your chosen SIM package. You can also browse the best sim only deals from the various networks and retailers to find the right option for your needs and budget.

  • Keep Your Existing Phone Number

If you don’t want to lose your existing phone number, you will be happy to know you can keep it with a SIM only deal. All you will need to do is contact your current network to receive the Port Authorisation Code (PAC). As soon as the SIM card arrives at your address, you should get in touch with your chosen network to quote your:

    • Temporary number with your new SIM
    • The phone number you want to keep
    • The PAC
  • No Credit Checks

If you have a poor credit history, a SIM only package could be an ideal option for you. Most retailers will not run a credit check against your name, so it is a quick and easy way to secure many minutes and data to use your smartphone.

  • The Same Network Perks

Another big benefit of a SIM only deal is that you can enjoy all the amazing perks that you would with a contract plan. For example, if you choose an EE tariff, you could access double speed 4G on your smartphone, as well as using mobile tethering to connect to a variety of devices, such as tablets and PCs. If, however, you choose a Three plan, you will be able to use your SIM overseas for no additional cost.

  • Regularly Upgrade Your Phone

If you’re a gadget lover, a SIM only plan is a smart option, as it will allow you to regularly upgrade your phone. So, you’ll be able to purchase the latest iPhone or Samsung smartphone as soon as it is released, rather than waiting for your contract to expire so you can update your device.

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