5 Ways to Implement Sustainable Tech within a Business

5 Ways to Implement Sustainable Tech within a Business

The term “sustainable technology” can be applied to any number of industries such as agriculture, engineering, architecture and even manufacturing. Certain sustainable technologies have been created with the purpose of using less energy, creating renewable energy and reducing the environmental impact a business may have. Whether implementing a sustainable approach to the technology practice within a business, or taking sustainable technologies on board, going green has its benefits.

In recent years, there is an increasing trend towards sustainable practice in business. Not only are employees now seeking jobs with companies that have integrated sustainable processes into their business, but also, customers and consumers tend to gravitate towards businesses with an environmental and sustainable approach.

Oftentimes for smaller businesses with a low budget, the process of a complete shift to going green can be quite daunting but there are ways to take smaller elements on board so that it’s not too overwhelming to begin with.

Web design

Most people don’t realize that sustainability reaches as far as web design, but if you really think about the process behind you and your company’s web-surfing, it will all become clear. According to sustainablewebdesign.org, there are four ways in which businesses can practice green web design:

  • Findability: The easier content is to find, the less energy users use up to search for something.
  • Performance Optimization: An efficient website means a lower carbon footprint as well as satisfied customers.
  • Design & User Experience: The mobile-first strategy means a more energy efficient design.
  • Green Hosting: For every website, there are thousands of servers that require round-the-clock power, which of course all adds up.

Whether you’re only beginning to craft your digital presence or if you’re looking for a change of scene, providers like 1&1 help you build your website and also offer a green service including reduced energy schemes, responsible office practices, and sustainable efforts.

Renewable energy

Aside from opting for the obvious forms of renewable energy like solar panels and wind power, biopower is also worth considering. There are a number of exciting new conversion technologies involving the use of biomass as a source of natural energy. As a business, take into account the various renewable energy technologies and decide which suits you best in terms of cost, method and location. A paper produced by Carbon Trust points out that “renewable energy projects can take a long time to implement due to the time required to carry out tasks involved, such as assess the resource, raise finance, obtain planning and connect to the grid”.

Wearable technology

Perhaps you’ve noticed the shift towards wearable technology in the last couple of years? Although wearable tech got off to a bristly start, it is now being welcomed into the workplace particularly for its environmentally-friendly qualities. A new wave of smartwear has been created that acts as its own energy generator. Smart items such as bikinis, jackets or even blankets can now convert both solar and kinetic energy into electricity, allowing you to do simple tasks such as charge your phone or power your speakers. Integrating these fun and green technologies into the workplace could be a great solution for employers and staff alike.