5 Ways Mobile Tech Can Transform Your Start-up

5 Ways Mobile Tech Can Transform Your Start-up
5 Ways Mobile Tech Can Transform Your Start-up

Technology has become vital in helping companies to make a name for themselves, making it even more important that startup companies are staying up to date with customer expectations. Transform the way your startup runs by incorporating these tried and tested mobile technology tools.

Social media is vital when it comes to getting your name out there and finding new customers. Although it’s always worth investing in marketing when launching a start-up, social media is a fantastic tool when it comes to creating a buzz around your startup. Try interacting with potential customers by searching for topics relating to your business and engaging with people. It allows you to form a more personal, friendly relationships with customers which helps you to learn more about what the market really wants and helps you appear more trustworthy or approachable. A win-win, in any book.

Making the most out of your staff’s time is important for all companies, let alone startups in their first year of business. Why take up time explaining what needs to be done when your staff could get all the information they need en-route to clients? Improved time management is one of the many benefits of field service. Using an app, you can upload all the details required to complete the job so it’s at your team’s fingertips. It saves you money by allowing you to track the progress of each job, ensuring your team are making the most out of each day and giving you an insight into what can be improved.

Unfortunately, not everyone will want to follow businesses and interact with them on social media. Don’t limit yourself by sticking to this one tool and stay in touch with clients using regular targeted emails, making sure they are optimized for mobile readers, given that so many of us check our emails on our phone when we’re out and about. It’s important to get a schedule down so regular emails are sent out, while avoiding spamming customers. They’ll like hearing about the latest offers, deals and business news so long as it doesn’t clog their inbox, so resist the temptation to send out a mass message about the smallest of things – make sure there’s a point to every email. For some tips on creating marketing emails for mobile devices, checkout some advice from Forbes here.

Speaking of the important of mobile, one of the first things to consider when building your website is how mobile users will see it. People often use their phones to find businesses to help with their issues and they’ll most likely be put off by a poorly designed mobile layout. Include all the important information about your business on the mobile version of your site but don’t overload it. Not only will this make it hard to navigate, it may cause it to load very slowly and lead viewers to click off before they can find out about your start-up. If you need a few more ideas when it comes to optimizing your site for mobile users, you can find some tips here.

Losing customer records and general business documentation can be a nightmare. Using a private cloud-based system to back-up paperwork can stop this from happening, reducing the need to purchase other software packages as well as the amount of maintenance put into keeping documentation safe. Using a mobile accessible cloud service means you can check it all on the go with many allowing you to share the files with whoever you want. Remember to enquire about privacy settings and security before using any system as you’ll want to be able to keep track on who can access the files.

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