5 Tips to Get the Perfect Fire Pit for Your Home

How to Choose the Perfect Fire Pit for Your Yard

When you’re in the market for a fire pit, you have plenty of options to choose from in terms of size, durability, portability, fuel source, and design. If you’re not sure about your options, or if you’re not sure which options to choose, the following tips will help.

  1. 5 Tips to Get the Perfect Fire Pit for Your Home
    5 Tips to Get the Perfect Fire Pit for Your Home

    Choose your fuel source

Fire pits come equipped to run on a variety of fuel types, including natural gas, LPG (propane), firewood, and charcoal. as fire pits are popular because they don’t take much work – all you really need to do is make sure you have enough fuel to keep it running, and call someone like Romeo’s Fuel when you need more – while firewood and charcoal take manual labor to keep the fire going.

Each fuel source has benefits and drawbacks that go beyond the cost of fuel. If you’re not familiar with the pros and cons of each fuel type, check out this Fire Pit Buyer’s Guide for a more detailed analysis, including information on ignition options.

Gas fire pits

Some fire pits are designed to be connected to a gas line, while others run on an LPG (propane) tank in a hidden compartment. Both fuel types are excellent, but have some pros and cons.

You’ll need an existing gas line for the first type, and while you can get a gas line installed at any time, it’s probably not cost-effective to do that. At least, not just for fueling a fire pit. If you’re in the process of moving to propane-powered appliances, that’s a different story.

The fire pits that run on LPG tanks are just as good, but you’ll need to keep track of your fuel usage and keep a spare tank on hand to ensure you don’t run out of fuel at the wrong time. Although, using an LPG-powered fire pit actually has another advantage – it’s portable, so you can move it around your yard. When a fire pit is connected to a gas line, you’re stuck using it wherever that gas connection exists.

Manual fuel sources 

If you enjoy building campfires, you might enjoy a wood-burning fire pit. The fire will burn for a good amount of time, but it will take constant attention, just like any other fire. Charcoal requires a little less fussing, but it’s still going to require your attention. 

  1. Consider the design

Your fire pit’s design is probably the most important thing considering you’ll be looking at it anytime you’re in your yard. While the traditional fire pit consists of some kind of metal container that holds the fire, there are many more options available. 

For example, there are fire pits made of stone that have a more contemporary look and feel. This style is popular because it looks classy and high-end. Many of these fire pits are square or rectangular, which makes their aesthetics even more pleasing.

Other fire pits are made of brick and are crafted in the traditional circle. These fire pits are great if you like the traditional look. 

Another thing you may want to consider regarding style is customization. Metal workers routinely make and sell custom fire pit rings. These are simple, metal rings with designs cut out that come to life at night when there’s a fire burning inside. 

  1. Consider how you’ll use your fire pit

How do you plan to use your fire pit? Do you plan on using it for background aesthetics, or do you want to roast marshmallows and have meals around the fire. 

While a large number of fire pits are just for decoration, some of them can be used as tables. Fire pit tables, for example, have a surface area specifically designed for enjoying a meat snack or a snack with friends and family. 

Some fire pits have closed tops, while others are open, making it easy to roast marshmallows. These might be small considerations, but if you get the wrong fire pit, you’ll wish you had chosen different features.

  1. Consider your budget

While the aesthetics and practical function of your fire pit are important, you’ll also need to consider your budget. A basic fire pit won’t cost much if you look for a good deal, but you can expect to spend several hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars if you want something fancier.

You’ll love your new fire pit

There’s something special about having a source of fire in the background of your gatherings. Fire brings people together, makes them feel closer, and gets people to open up. Knowing this, no matter what style you choose, you and your guests will enjoy your new fire pit.