5 Tips For Working From Home

5 Tips For Working From Home

Whether you’re setting up a business from the kitchen table, or taking advantage of a flexible working policy offered by your employer, you’ll soon discover that working from home offers an equal number of perks and pitfalls. There are domestic distractions to deal with, such as the laundry, and it can take a while for the other people in your household to understand that you’re home but working.

Needless to say, working from home requires iron willpower and some smart preparation in order to keep things ticking over smoothly. UK-based self-storage company Storebox have been in touch to share their infographic guide to working from home. We’ve taken our top 5 favourite tips from this infographic to help you create a harmonious working environment from home.

Build your dream workspace

You have the freedom to create the working environment that you always dreamed of, so the sky’s the limit. Make sure you’re in a bright and airy space, have a comfortable desk chair, and surround yourself with things that inspire you and allow you to focus. You’ll do your best work in a dedicated workspace, rather than perching at the kitchen table.

Clear some space

If you’re planning to convert the spare room into a home office, you might want to consider hiring a self-storage unit. This will give you the flexibility to clear some space, and could also be helpful if you need to store excess business stock. Having stock cluttering up your house will put a strain on your relationships with the people you live with, and it’s more likely to be damaged. Keep it out of the way with a self-storage unit!

Make time to socialise

Without the water cooler moments and lunchtime chats, you will likely feel isolated. It can also be very easy to fall into the habit of not leaving the house, so make plans to socialise more frequently than you normally would to keep cabin fever at bay.

Set boundaries

Working from home can be a double-edged sword; you can fit it around your family commitments, but it can also start to encroach on every aspect of your life. Set clear working boundaries and make sure you power down outside of these hours. It can be hard to break the habit of answering emails at all hours of the day and night, so set clear boundaries from the start.

Give it time

It takes 66 days to form a new habit, so expect it to take at least two months to adjust to your new working arrangement. This goes for spouses, children, relatives, friends and housemates, too. What advice would you give to someone new to working from home? Let us know on Twitter

Storebox Guide To Working From Home

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