5 Team Building Ideas That Will Get Your Staff Working Together

5 Team Building Ideas That Will Get Your Staff Working Together

Organising the odd team building activity will help your employees get to know each other on a personal level, but more importantly, it helps you get to know them on a personal level . While you don’t want your employees standing around chatting all day, you still want to increase productivity and morale, and team building activities will help you do exactly that. If you’re looking for new ways to bring your employees together, consider some of the below activities that promise a fun and exciting way for you and your employees to mingle.

London Treasure Hunts

Team building is all about trying to get your employees working together in the most efficient way possible – so a trip to London to undertake a treasure hunt is an effective way to do that. You might get one or two employee squabbles, but you’re almost guaranteed to get employees on the track to working together. Explore London, enjoy the sights, solve clues, and come home with the bacon – London treasure hunts promise to bring your employees closer.

It’s a Knockout Challenge

For something more physically challenging and fun, you’ll not need to look any further than the It’s a Knockout Challenge. You may remember it from the days when it was on BBC TV, presented by the famous Keith Chegwin. Multiple obstacles will get your crew thinking and working together to battle it out with other contestants. It’s a Knockout is scattered across the whole country, so you’ll not have any problems in finding one close to your place of work.

The Crystal Maze Challenge

The Crystal Maze Challenge is yet another exciting activity for you and your employees to enjoy. We’ve all watched it on TV and, although you’re not going to have the chance of going to the island to mingle with the tigers, you’re still going to have a great laugh in the well-designed Aztec, industrial and medieval environments. This activity will almost certainly challenge your employees mentally, physically, and personally – a challenge that promises to boost productivity in the workplace from the bottom up. If you’re struggling to get this organised, Team Tactics offer a range of team building activities just like this one.

Ice Carving Events

If the above outdoor activities don’t suit your needs, carving your favourite masterpieces in ice could be up your street. Such events can take place in many venues across the country, so if you’re looking to do something local, this could be the activity you and your employees are looking for. The excellent thing about ice carving is that it’s different from all the other activities many other businesses take their employees on, so it could be something that earns you some brownie points. Of course, if you wanted to go on a day trip, you could spend your time carving ice at the famous ICEBAR, right in the heart of London.

Parisian Wine Tasting

If you’re looking for something to do for the weekend, visiting Paris to try Parisian wine tasting will definitely raise the mood among your employees. A trip like this is expensive, but it’s well worth it in terms of rewarding your employees and getting them to work together. You’ll benefit from several meals, tasting some of the finest wines in the country, and you’ll also have multiple English-speaking guides with you to ensure you and your employees are well looked after.

Your budgets will, of course, influence what activity you choose to take your employees on. Investing in team building can pay dividends and although the costs can sometimes be eye-watering, boosting morale and efficiency is worth the investment.