5 Rewarding Career Paths In The Health Care Industry

Front-line health care professionals make a huge impact on society. The more advanced providers are, the better care that they can offer. Career paths within the industry are many. Surgeons, all the way down to medical writers and transcriptionists, and everything in between. In the industry, there are 5 main areas of practice that continue to come being some of the most rewarding positions.

Nurse Practitioner-If you have gone to any type of medical office, you have more than likely been seen by a nurse practitioner. They have all the responsibilities and duties of a doctor, with less educational background. They are a registered nurse that has decided to continue their career paths one step higher. They take patient information, perform exams, diagnose issues, prescribe medications, form treatment plans, and educate patients and families. A practitioner will usually specialize in one specific area of study and work in that sector. The number of jobs in this field is increasing due to more nurse practitioners carrying out general exams and treatments, making doctors become less needed within the medical field.

Psychiatrist-A specialist in this field will diagnose and treat mental issues. It is not a simple job like portrayed in movies. They bridge the gap between the mind and body and the problems that can arise from the various mental conditions that can change the way of life for some people. Withdrawn people due to trauma, all the way up to psychotic killers, can be linked to mental issues. In society today the number of mental conditions reported has been on the rise. The need for psychiatrists will also be on the rise to cover the need for care.

Respiratory Therapist- The respiratory therapist path is one that specializes on treating people with lung and heart conditions. Providers focus on helping patients breathe properly through techniques or devices, such as oxygen tanks. Since they work with people that have heart problems, it requires advanced training when it comes to dealing with heart attacks and strokes. Many times, this field is overlooked by the public, but the patients that need help breathing are thankful to those that have chosen to work in a field that will help them obtain a way to improve their current ways of life.

Physical Therapist- This type of therapist will be needed when a patient has a physical ailment that decreases the movements of the body. Athletes that pull muscles, workers that lose the use of their hands, and diabetics that have a hard time walking, will all require the services of a qualified physical therapist. They will take direction from the medical provider that has sent them, evaluate the patient by asking questions and doing an exam, and then will map out a plan to execute. They will concentrate on improving the area in question and will educate the patient on ways to help at home. They are specialists in body movement and flexibility.

Radiation Therapist-This therapist is one that most people hope to never see. They also take direction from the medical provider and set a plan for recovery. Cancer patients require radiation therapy to kill the infected cells. They will focus the treatments into the area, or areas, that are damaged and work with the patient to make them as comfortable as possible through the process. Radiation therapists are usually close to their patients because they spent time from the first explanation of treatments all the way through recovery and remission.

The United States Department of Labor Statistics claims that health care jobs will rise by 6% in the next ten years. This gives hope to all students that plan to explore the different paths in front of them. All front-line jobs are rewarding, depending upon your interests. Choosing one is entirely up to your preferences.