5 Reasons To Do Your Precision CNC Machining In China

precision machiningNo question that CNC machining has revolutionized the way plastic or metal components and sub-assemblies are produced. With the rapid development in nearly all industrial fields, the merging between the latest computer technology and machine tooling like routers, grinders, mills, and so on was inevitable.

Some numerous advantages and benefits come with CNC prototyping, the most significant ones being speed, precision, energetic efficiency, accuracy, consistency, and many more. Nowadays, with precision CNC machining, you can produce all kinds of intricate CNC parts and components, some of which are virtually impossible to manufacture manually. You can repeat the manufacturing procedure over and over again and get the same results. That’s why CNC machining has found its way in nearly all industries and is utilized to manufacture anything from dental blanks to aircraft components.

Nevertheless, purchasing a CNC machine for your business to work with it in-house is a severe capital investment that must be carefully considered. As a matter of fact, entry-level 3-axis CNC machines start from $60,000, so buying a machine like that is a significant investment for every business that must be carefully considered.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a small, mid, or large-sized company. It’s essential to keep minimum operating costs and maximize profit returns if you want to expand your operations. One way to achieve that is to outsource your CNC machining parts for your business to other companies outside the US. One way to achieve that is to outsource your CNC machining parts for your business to other companies outside the US and once you’re ready to upgrade your equipment, you can sell your used CNC machines to a trusted dealer like Revelation Machinery.

With the latest modernization of communication technologies, the world we live in is now smaller than ever. And where would you rather outsource to than from the Republic of China? Businesses from all around the globe began incorporating China into their manufacturing plans, and for a good reason.

China leads the world manufacturing output, with over $2 trillion in production in 2108, and is one of the key players in the CNC machining world. In the following paragraphs, you will find the top five reasons you should outsource your precision CNC machining to China.

Cutting The Labor Costs 

One of the most notorious advantages of why companies outsource to Chinese producers is considerably-low labor costs. Suppose you’re an experienced business owner or executive. In that case, you already know that labor costs take up the most significant piece of the pie for most American-based manufacturing companies.

Additionally, labor costs continue to climb and will remain an upward trend for the foreseeable future. That means more money out of your company’s account to keep up with labor workers’ ever-growing salaries. 

At the same time, you could be saving tons on labor costs by outsourcing your precision CNC machining to renowned and highly-skilled China-based CNC manufacturers. This way, you will save in overhead costs and keep up with the growing demand that your products are gaining each day. 

Outsourcing your machining tasks to China provides you with the best potential to meet demand and keep labor costs down simultaneously.

High-Quality Products 

Chinese CNC shops and manufacturing facilities are particular when it comes to the quality of the end products. Most of the Chinese-bound manufacturing companies you may outsource from are ISO 9001 compliant and offer high-quality parts and end products produced on the latest CNC multi-axis machine sets known for their reliability and accuracy. 

US businesses that partner with precision machine shops from China can ensure the highest quality parts and products if they commit to establishing and nurturing deep working relationships with their partners from China. To get the best results, you should assign a quality-control person from your company who will communicate directly with the outsourcing company and ensure that your product is being manufactured to the exact specifications you require. 

Moreover, the best precision machining companies in China offer this exciting incentive as a part of the outsourcing deal and assign their quality-control person to each project.

Access To State-Of-The-Art Machinery And Technology 

The second you shift your outsourcing to China, you are more than likely to expose your business operations to a whole new wave of technology in its processes. Chinese manufacturing businesses continually exhaust their research and knowledge to find technological advancement methods and incorporate them into their company portfolio. 

Perhaps, there’s even a more efficient way, method, machinery, and technology to produce your CNC parts than you know. Open up your laptop and conduct thorough Internet research to locate a manufacturer that uses state-of-the-art machinery and employs the latest technologies in their manufacturing processes. 

Whatever it may be, by outsourcing your CNC projects to China, your business will gain access to constant technological advancement it may not otherwise have if you decide to manufacture elsewhere.

Faster Time To Market 

It’s not a secret that American machine shops are hugely affected by a shortage of skilled machinists. And even though there’s an effort underway to encourage young people to at least consider careers in machining and manufacturing, it will take decades before the number of precision machinists will be there to replace the whole retiring workforce. 

No such shortage exists in China. Manufacturing in China is so big because of the large cadre of highly-skilled CNC machinists and technicians. Due to its vast population, China has an abundant workforce. With an enormously high ratio of potential employees, Chinese CNC manufacturing shops have hired and trained enough force so that you are assured of faster turnaround time than CNC shops with limited capacity.

Optimized Distribution 

If your company intends to push the product worldwide, outsourcing the precision machining to China can help with your finished product’s logistics. Chinese CNC shops offer to assemble and test your products after manufacturing to shorten the process further and guarantee the top quality of the output.

From that point, the manufacturer can also help you cut the distribution costs from China to those you sell to that are in proximity to it. The ultimate goal of the outsourcing operation is to maximize productivity and return on investment. The distribution benefits are just one additional benefit your company can gain over the competition.

Final Thoughts 

Since the economic power play in the world shifted, many business owners and executives realized that outsourcing their precision CNC machining to China was suddenly much cheaper than manufacturing them in their facilities back at home. Stop wasting your time and get in touch with a renowned CNC machining service shop from China, and don’t be afraid to add that tiny label “Made in China” to your products and components.