5 Powerful Benefits of Employee Tracking Software

Employee Tracking Software

70% of workers admit they’re often distracted when on the job. And 16% feel distracted almost all the time. In other words, a significant part of your workforce is likely spending a lot of time without focus or a clear direction. And that’s a big problem when you’re trying to sustain growth and accomplish company-wide goals. Here are 5 powerful benefits of employee tracking software .

Employee Tracking Software

A company is only as successful as its employees, so you need to find ways to get the most out of each person on your team. And an increasingly popular method for achieving that is utilizing employee tracking solutions that can help figure out how employees spend their time.

But why should you use employee tracking solutions? And what types of benefits can they offer your organization?

Let’s explore these questions below.

5 Powerful Benefits of Employee Tracking Software

Increase Productivity

The most apparent benefit of using employee tracking solutions is the ability to steadily improve productivity through data-driven changes in how your employees spend their time. 

Without a reliable and consistent way of tracking how your employees spend each hour of work, you are left with guessing about what the biggest bottlenecks and roadblocks to productivity might be. You can make some guesses based on what tasks are completed and how quickly, but you don’t know what your employees are really doing as they work towards their goals.

Meanwhile, when you implement an employee tracking solution, you gain a foolproof method of tracking every minute of your employees’ time, all the way to the types of apps they’re using, the websites they’re visiting, and more.

As you collect more insights about your teams, you will notice trends that will enable you to implement better practices for tackling various tasks. That way, you can achieve a significant boost in productivity by making a few seemingly minor but well-targeted changes. 

Make Payroll Easier

Another advantage of using employee tracking is that it eliminates any inaccuracies or challenges that could arise when calculating payroll. When you know exactly how much productive time each employee spends, calculating things like overtime pay becomes almost automatic.

Even though it might not seem like a big deal on its own, having the specific numbers of how much your employees work will help avoid potential conflicts that could arise due to disagreements about how much an employee worked.

Identify Best Performers


Employee Tracking Software

Employee Tracking Software

As a company, you should always be on the lookout for the most engaged and hardworking employees who might be ready to take on more responsibility. But sometimes, identifying the metrics that can tell you who to consider for promotions isn’t an easy task.

But when you track employee time and activities, you will quickly notice the people on your team who excel at getting through tasks quickly and wasting as little time as possible. These people are self-motivated, independent, and able to solve any roadblocks they might face, making them ideal for more prominent roles within the company.

Help Those Who Are Struggling

At the same time, you will be able to identify the people who seem to take longer and struggle to remain productive. You can then address the issues with them directly, helping them find ways to prioritize their time and discover better approaches for tackling various tasks.

Instead of brushing off some employees as lazy or unmotivated, you could talk to them and go through their tracked activities log, identifying the biggest issues and asking them how you could help them feel more motivated, engaged, and confident in the work they are assigned to do.

Through this process, you may be able to turn some of your less productive employees into highly-motivated achievers who will dramatically increase the amount of work they can do on any given day.

Keep Track of Remote Teams

Remote teams are becoming more prevalent than ever. But while it offers a range of opportunities for organizations, such as a bigger talent pool to choose from and the ability to fill critical roles faster, it also creates unique challenges from not knowing how your remote workforce spends their time.

Luckily, with employee tracking, you can bring your remote teams closer to the office, gaining access to in-depth insights about their productive hours, including what specifically they’re working on at any given time. Then, you can work with them to help them become better at prioritizing tasks according to the goals they are trying to achieve.

Bottom Line

There’s a reason why employee tracking software solutions are on the rise. Many companies have realized the value of knowing how their employees spend the time they have each day.

Whether it’s boosting productivity, tracking hours for payroll, or identifying the best performers, time tracking solutions offer a range of benefits that are hard to ignore.