5 Places For Unbelievably Gratifying Food Experiences on Mykonos

5 Places For Unbelievably Gratifying Food Experiences on Mykonos 
5 Places For Unbelievably Gratifying Food Experiences on Mykonos

Mykonos is an undeniable Queen of the Cyclades that knows how to treat her visitors like true royalty. Sugary, fine-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, an animated nightlife, never-ending parties, a great shopping scene, lots of exclusive experiences, and a ton of entertainment options, fine dining included, are some of the features that can make one fall deeply in love with the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos. And, if you appreciate great food and mind-blowing gastronomy, then do add the following five dining venues on your must-visit list, well, yesterday!

Local Mykonos – The best souvlaki in Mykonos 

Souvlaki skewers and gyros pita wraps are two of the most iconic street foods throughout Greece, including its beautiful islands. Local Mykonos will give you a good taste of this typical Greek staple, along with juicy ribs, grilled steaks, delicious lamb, and other meat flavours cooked to perfection. And, do consider combining them with a tasty salad or spread (tzatziki is always a winner) for the full culinary experience. 

Karavaki Lounge Bar & Restaurant– Idyllic views and dreamy facilities

With panoramic vistas of the Aegean Sea and the whitewashed Cycladic architecture that can be enjoyed from a pristine rooftop terrace atop a hill in Mykonos Town, the romantic Karavaki Restaurant greets you to a polished and cultured interior and exterior space featuring a cute swimming pool and unique aesthetics. As for the dining adventure per se, expect nothing but refined tastes, top locally-sourced ingredients, Mediterranean flavours, and a creative mix of fragrances, textures, and colours, creating memorable gastronomic experiences. 

D’Angelo Restaurant & Bar – Where Greece meets Italy

Hands down the restaurant with some of the most succulent dishes that combine the best of traditional Greek cuisine with the most flavoursome Italian dishes. Sitting just a few metres from a popular local attraction, the Mykonos Windmills, it enchants with its chalky walls, vibrant splashes of colours, cosy ambiance, relaxed environment, and, of course, tasty food. The menu includes from risottos, pasta, bruschettas, and raviolis to steaks, meats, burgers, seafood, and even vegan options. Not to mention the impressively long wine selection and cocktail mix choices! 

Yialo-Yialo – The ultimate pampering of your taste buds 

If you have plans to explore the famous Platis Gialos region and its sandy shore with the cobalt, crystal-clear waters, then Yialo-Yialo is an exceptional place to soak up some more iodine from the shimmering Aegean Sea while spoiling yourself with reasonably priced and incredibly appetising fresh fish, seafood, pasta, salads, mouth-watering pastes with local ingredients, yummy desserts, and other dishes one would expect from a seaside restaurant. Feel free to savour a glass of local wine, ouzo or raki while dipping your toes in the fine sand as the tables are placed right on the beach! And, if you come here around sunset, chances are that nothing can prepare you for the unique spectacle that awaits to complement your gastronomic endeavours. 

M-eating – Fine dining at its best 

With meticulous attention to detail, M-Eating offers a fantastic feast that pleases more than the sense of taste. Beautifully garnished and presented, the dishes are works of art on a plate and carry you to culinary journeys that excite. Despite being considered a fine dining facility, though, M-Eating is not nearly as expensive as the other similar venues on the island. Food-wise, the menu has a variety of options, from soups and pasta to traditional braised beef, pork and fish fillets, and chicken dishes, which can be accompanied by palate-gratifying strawberry cheesecakes and other desserts, and an extensive selection of wines and some of the best champagne labels. 

Private dining experiences 

It would be impossible to speak of the local food scene and not have a private dining option. Indeed, most elegant restaurants provide VIP reservations that come with exclusive services delivered in designated private areas away from the crowds. 

That aside, you may even have a private chef cook a delectable dinner featuring Greek staples and dishes from international gastronomy per your likes and desires. How can this be done? By opting for the specific concierge service when booking your luxury Mykonos villa. That way, you can indulge in an exquisite culinary experience with stunning seascapes and romantic sunsets in the background (or foreground), without having to wait to be seated at a table in a busy restaurant or taverna, or squeeze yourself in with hundreds of other tourists.