5 HR Tech Solutions You Need in 2022

5 HR Tech Solutions You Need in 2022

HR Tech Solutions
HR Tech Solutions

As HR becomes an increasingly crucial part of operations across industries, leveraging HR software to help automate and streamline tasks is essential. Billions are already being spent on HR tech, and if you are wondering how and where you can allocate your HR budget, below are 5 HR tech solutions you should have in 2022.

Payroll software 

Payroll software is an important part of modern HR. Whether you are using comprehensive gym software or enterprise software in a wide range of industries, payroll is subject to myriad legal requirements. 

The processing of the payroll involves a large number of calculations, and various factors must be taken into account. For example, if you pay bonuses or overtime payments – these should be included in the total amount deducted by the company from the employee’s salary. If you take into account the number of working days, it should be included in this amount – if a holiday falls on a Monday, it should be counted as three days for purposes of calculating hris software.

There are many other requirements and problems – for example when determining the minimum wage or holiday pay, the number of working hours must be determined, which may change depending on the time of year. All this is reflected in modern payroll software. The most advanced system allows you to set up a model of your business – it will automatically determine the variables that are included in calculating the amount that should be deducted from employees.

Cloud-based hr software

Most of the modern HR tech solutions are cloud-based. This means that they no longer have to install a separate program on each computer in your company. On the contrary – it does not matter which device is being used because these programs work in a browser at any time and from anywhere. Within this context, HR cloud solutions include the use of new and old technologies that improve employee productivity and significantly increase the competitiveness of companies.

The problems that modern cloud-based HR tech solutions solve are the following:

  • employees can work from any location
  • all devices (computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones) can be used for digital capturing
  • the amount of information that needs to be input into the system is reduced
  • this reduces errors because it does not matter which device is used.

Cloud HR software also allows for more flexible data entry and management. Self-registration can also take place via mobile devices (smartphones, tablets), and HR software can understand what data is being entered using speech recognition technology. It also allows data to be synchronized with other sources of information. All in all, the cloud allows for much better management of talent

Applicant tracking system 

An applicant tracking system process flow helps to streamline the hiring process. An applicant tracking system helps to streamline the hiring process. The ATS evaluates all online applications received from potential employees, as well as those that arrive through third-party sites or referrals. Then, they separate them into various categories.

Approved applications are then sent to the HR system, where their data is entered into the company’s internal database. The applicants who were not approved for one reason or another also remain in the ATS – this way it is easy to find them if need be.

An applicant tracking system helps you to determine patterns and evaluate the effectiveness of your HR strategy. You can see how many people are interested in working for you, where they come from and what sort of employment history is most common among your applicants.

Employee onboarding software 

Onboarding software is designed to implement an efficient and fast way for new employees to get started at their respective positions. Onboarding software is used when the employer wants to streamline the process of training or when there are too many employees that need to be trained in order for it to be effective enough in all cases.

The main purpose of employee onboarding software is to present an applicant’s data to those who will be working closely with him or her, so it is important to make a good first impression. The onboarding software sends a message containing all the employee’s data to this person, along with a link that causes the system to generate an individual e-mail account for each candidate–among many other important onboarding procedures

Onboarding software is also a crucial component of HR in the age of remote and hybrid work.

It has been recognized that over 60% of the working population is now employed remotely and globally. This means that traditional, onsite HR systems do not work with them as well as they should. With an onboarding system, these employees can be introduced to the company at any time – and their new colleagues will be able to establish contact with them without having to wait for a face-to-face meeting.


The more efficiently you run your HR, the better your employee experience will be, the more productive your new hires will be and the easier it will be to find, attract and manage top talent. Keep the above HR tech solutions in mind and you’ll be ahead of the game in 2022.