5 Cutting-edge Concepts for Drafting Your Dream Home

5 Cutting-edge Concepts for Drafting Your Dream Home
5 Cutting-edge Concepts for Drafting Your Dream Home

Are you looking to come up with a superdraft of your dream home? If you are, then you’re probably hungry for some ideas on what kind of design to go for. The good news is that there are a ton of concepts you can go for when designing your home. The bad news is that there are so many you can be left confused about which one to go for. The other good news is that we looked for the most cutting-edge designs in the market right now and compiled them into a list for you. There are many home styles you can try, but these are the most popular currently, so they’re worth considering.

1. The Country Home

The country style home is an improvement over the older colonial home. The colonial-style home came from the colonists of the 18th century who brought the most prevalent home styles over with them from Europe. The most distinct feature of the colonial home is the front door with two windows to either side and the five windows on the top floor symmetrically placed so that the middle window is right above the door. The country home espouses the same style on a fundamental level and includes shutters, dormers, wide porches and wood detailing.

2. The Craftsman Style

The early 20th century brought with it the arts and crafts movement, and the craftsman style was one of the brainchildren of the movement. The arts and crafts movement was something of a knee-jerk reaction to the Industrial Revolution, and its tendency to mechanize and standardize everything. Designers and artists decided to return to unique arts with decorative elements that had a personal touch to them, unlike the mass-produced products of the time. Craftsman are heavily characterized by stone and wood exteriors, giving them the vibe of growing right out of and existing in harmony with their surroundings. The shape can vary, but the houses are typically bungalows.

3. The European Style

European homes embody styles from Italy, France and England. European homes come in a variety of styles. However, the common theme is that elements should look old and distinguished yet durable and lasting. Stone floors of high quality, marble walls and floors, plaster walls and huge fireplaces are some of the hallmarks of such designs. The rooflines are often complicated, and the roofs typically made of either copper or stone.

4. The Modern Style

Despite the name, modern-style homes have been around since the 1950s. The roofs of such houses are typically either flat or have a very gentle slope. The fireplaces are undecorated and minimalistic, and the windows are large and horizontal. There is a quality of flatness to the modern style, with houses striving to emulate the horizontal nature of the modern landscape itself and, to some extent, the aesthetics of the automobile. While the materials used in modern homes are high quality, including high-quality stone, wood and marble, such homes aren’t too fussy on the details, trying to create clean straight lines and simple shape amalgamations.

5. The Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean-style homes are deeply inspired by the architecture of the houses in southern Spain, Italy and France. The main focus of these houses is the extended outdoors, with plenty of verandas, courtyards and patios. The outsides of such houses are typically plaster walls, with a little natural rock cladding here and there, although the details are few. The roofs are tiled and are either flat or have very gentle slopes. The interiors may include exposed wood beams and decorative tiles but are generally quite simple.

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