5 Biggest Benefits to Outsourcing Your IT

5 Biggest Benefits to Outsourcing Your IT

There are many good reasons for businesses to outsource a wide variety of services, but without a doubt, one of the areas where outsourcing makes the most sense is in the realm of information technology (IT).

If you’ve been wondering whether or not you should outsource your IT support, you’re not alone. If you decide to do it, you’ll be joining a massive movement toward outsourced IT that’s been brewing over the last 5 years of so.

But why are so many moving their IT support from in-house to an outside provider? What are the benefits that are driving this shift? Well, here are five of the most notable ones:

1. Big Cost Savings

It’s not surprising that the number one reason why companies outsource IT is to save money. After all, running IT in-house involves a lot of expenses, including equipment, software, security controls, and employee salaries and benefits.

Downsizing of IT departments or even going 100% outsourced makes for major cost savings that continue to accrue month by month and year by year. And for smaller businesses that never even had a separate IT department, outsourced IT may be the only viable solution.

2. Saving Valuable Time

Maybe you didn’t have a full time IT staff to begin with, but you have some employees with a limited amount of IT knowledge. So you tried to stretch their knowledge and do what you could yourself too.

But that means diverting your attention and that of your employees from what you do best. When more time is spent on IT matters, less time is spent on being productive and actually managing your business.

3. Access to Top-Tier Expertise

Third party IT support means that every time you use it, you are accessing professional, top-of-market expertise that you probably don’t have and can’t afford to have on your permanent staff.

The experts can identify problems quicker and fix them more efficiently. They know exactly what to look for and how to probe. They won’t be stuck on IT work for two or three times longer than what it should take, which could easily happen if anything less than top-tier talent does the job.

4. Stay Always Up to Date

When you outsource to the Cloud and partner with an IT company for support of any on-site systems you may have, you gain the benefit of the latest technology, the best hardware and software on the market.

That makes you more competitive and more efficient. The outsource partner is also going to handle updates for you, so you don’t have to.

You won’t have to waste time using inferior technology until you finally get around to updating because off-site systems will be updated early by the IT company and at no cost to you. And you can schedule on-site updates well ahead of time.

5. Tighter Security

Sometimes people think they’ll have better security if they keep everything in-house, but that’s hardly ever the case. Plus, an IT support provider can help you implement strategies for improving on-site security.

But with Cloud storage of business data, you automatically gain the benefit of the very latest anti-virus software, and of all cyber security software in general. It is constantly updated to counteract the latest trends and strategies of would-be hackers.

Outsourced IT is generally safer, and that should give you increased peace of mind.

It’s true that there’s still a place for in-house IT, but it’s role is shrinking as the complexity and cost of IT services continue to increase. The good news is you can save time and money and access higher level expertise, technology, and security when you outsource!

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