4 Ways Technology Can Streamline Business Processes for Massive Growth Potential

4 Ways Technology Can Streamline Business Processes for Massive Growth Potential
4 Ways Technology Can Streamline Business Processes for Massive Growth Potential

In the world of business, every moment you waste equates to a loss in revenue. Fortunately, technology has advanced to such a degree that many of the routine tasks you spent hours dealing with every day can now be handled with technology to streamline literally any aspect of your business operations. Whether you operate a lawn care service or a daycare center, there are ways in which technology can save you time, effort, and money.

With this extra time on your hands now, you can begin focusing more on growing your customer base, adding new product lines, or working with staff to improve performance. The time you could save is invaluable, so isn’t it time you considered the following four ways in which technology can take over those costly routine tasks?

1. Managed Website Service

If you are a small business, chances are you have a business website that was developed to grow your client base. Most people now search for new businesses online but the trick is to keep your site ranking highly with Google. That means taking care with content added to your site or links created back to your site. Who has time for this while running a business? Hire a web development company to manage your site for you.

2. Remote Data Capture

You may have seen remote data capture in action. Have you ever paid a doctor with a check which they immediately run through a little scanner on the front desk? This is referred to as Remote Deposit Capture, RDC, and what it does is immediately transmits an image of that check to their financial institution so that no one needs to make daily runs to the bank. That deposit is instant, saving you the time and effort of making those daily deposit trips.

3. Analytics

This is a huge field and one in which too many small business owners or directors spend hours upon hours gathering information and then analyzing it to forecast market movement. Analytics also help you to better plan a budget based on the figures you’ve collected. Do you want to know if your website is performing as you had expected? Try Google Analytics, which does all the ‘heavy lifting’ for you. Armed with that data, you have a clearer picture of where you stand, where you should be going, and how best to meet that objective.

4. Social Media and Email Automation

There are now applications which can be set up to manage social media and email quietly in the background. You set the parameters and these apps can do things like upload posts to your social pages or send out email newsletters. Staying in touch with your customers is a vital aspect of business growth, but again, who has time to spend hours each and every day communicating when you could be doing other things. Look at automation as an extension of yourself and you can assign tasks you haven’t time to do.

Your key takeaway here is that time is money and you can’t afford to waste a single moment of it. Why not let technology step in to free you up for other aspects of owning and operating a business? It’s like having a second you and with two directors on the job, why wouldn’t you expect massive growth?


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