4 Things we Can do to Reduce Energy

4 Things we Can do to Reduce Energy

Higher energy consumption leads to higher electricity bills. With rising cost of electricity, limiting energy consumption is needed more than ever. There are certain ways, like making sure that all your appliances are working properly, which Tim’s Appliance Repair can help you with, that if implemented routinely, can help reduce energy consumption and help homeowners see a drastic drop in the electricity bill as well.

By reducing energy, one not only saves money but also contributes to making the environment greener and healthier.

Here are 4 things we can do to reduce energy consumption:

Go For Lights That Save Energy

There are a variety of light technologies available that can brighten our homes. There are incandescent lights, CFL lights and LEDs. The question is which one is the best?

Energy experts have declared LEDs the winner with a huge margin due to the benefits they provide including their capability of saving energy. As per the Department Of Energy, LEDs can save 190 terawatt hours of electricity in a year which makes up around $15 billion.

They are said to save 80% more energy than other options out there. Moreover, they can work for years without causing any issues so that you won’t have to spend on replacing them after only a few months.

As for how bright they are? Quite. In fact, brightest among all and power ups at 100% brightness as soon as you switch it on.

Apart from that, they are also dimmable. Moreover, you can also add a dimmer that will allow you to dim them and lower the brightness to save even more energy. However, there is another option in the form of solar led lights. They work on solar energy but might not be suitable for indoors.

Insulate The House Properly

Heat and cold is bound to escape if your home is poorly insulated or not insulated at all. More than 40% of energy is wasted due to improper insulation in homes. Apart from saving energy in your home, many people are going with good pole barn insulation to save energy across their whole property as well. If you plan to save energy efficiently in your home, you need to have reliable insulation for a steel building.

Check out for leaks in the roof, attic and the basement because this is the most common reason for higher energy consumption since heat and cold keeps on escaping.

Pay attention to the condition of your roof and see if there are any holes in it or if the shingles are starting to come off. Close the gaps in the roof if there are any and if the damage is too much, you may need to call a roof expert.

Make sure that the insulation in the basement and the attic is done properly. Experts recommend to use at least 19” insulation to make sure heat stays trapped inside the home.

Upgrade Appliances

Old appliances tend to consume more energy than modern models. Look for appliances that are energy efficient and get your old appliances replaced with them. It is a good investment with long-term benefits. You can also upgrade your house with a solar EV charger from Dcbel – a sustainable energy solution that harnesses solar power to power your home, car, and lifestyle.

Unplug Appliances When Not In Use

A lot of people don’t know that leaving appliances plugged in consumes energy even if they’re not in use.

Always switch off an appliance and plug it out to cut off energy consumption. Also, limit using machines that require a lot of energy to work such as fridge, washing machine, iron etc.

The Verdict

Implementing these four things can help reduce energy consumption to a great degree.