4 PR Blockchain Mistakes Even Experts Make

4 PR Blockchain Mistakes Even Experts Make
4 PR Blockchain Mistakes Even Experts Make

Besides the common belief that there is no bad publicity, one PR mishap can cause much harm. Let’s look at some PR blockchain mistakes even pros make.

Currently, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are one of the hottest topics in tech right now. This relatively new technology comes with a lot of potential even outside the financial sector. For anyone running a company based on this technology, executing the necessary PR tactics will be one of the main ingredients for success, especially in the early years. In the process, it is pretty easy to make grave PR mistakes that might cost you a fortune. Let us look at some of these. For more information on PR blockchain click here.

Mistakes to avoid when doing PR blockchain

If you are an owner of a blockchain business, you need to plan in advance and think critically before making any public statements. This is to avoid any major PR failures, something that has happened even to big companies, such as Volkswagen, Uber or AirBnb. To start you off, here are four PR blockchain blunders that you can avoid.

Failure to identify, understand the target customer

When doing PR for your blockchain startup, one of the biggest mistakes PR marketers make is failing to identify the customers they want to appeal to correctly. It is crucial for any PR campaign to understand factors such as the gender, location, age, nationality and even more details such as social media activity, interests and relationship status. Learn more here.

However, when it comes to blockchain technology, you will have to go a step further and divide your target audience into two broad categories; those who understand the technology and have invested in it and those who do not understand it, yet are interested. Knowing this will help you target the different groups more effectively.

Failure to plan in advance

In order to make an impactful PR story, you need proper planning and timing. Since your press release, guest blog post or any other PR material will be most likely handled by a journalist, it is only fair to provide enough time to get the job done.

A lot of PR marketers approach journalists and their publications when it is too late and then end up with a half-baked article that was written overnight and does more damage than good to a company’s image.

Since there are many more individuals seeking for the journalists’ attention, the worst time to send your PR piece is at the end of the week, say Friday. This is because by Monday, your email will be down the list and chances are it will not be opened. The best time would be the beginning of the work day. Also, remember to check the time zones where your recipient is based to ensure you do the timing right.

Exaggerated public statements

Even though confidence is a great quality, especially if you are running a start-up, care should be taken not to exaggerate. For example, it is extremely difficult to hit $100 million in the first year even for the best startups, so if you are, you should probably stop telling people that you think you will.

Sending long and boring press releases full of jargon

A lot of PR marketers often write dozens of press releases, full of facts and numbers, but which lack in actual story. Good PR should focus on providing the target audience with engaging and informative content, not just facts and numbers that no one relates to.

In conclusion, there are many other mistakes that PR marketers make when performing PR blockchain. These include sending press releases to the wrong journalists who do not understand the subject, or sending too many emails to the right journalist and scaring them off. With a little thought, however, you can go a long way in creating a robust and lasting brand for your company.