4 Email Privacy Tools to Keep Your Email Secure

Having your email account hacked can be an horrible experience with terrible consequences. If someone gains access to your email account, they can access all your passwords, bank account details and then reset your passwords to any other account on the web, from social media profiles to whatever you can imagine.

Hackers and thieves aren’t the only ones trying to break into your personal messages. Governments and employers can easily scan your email. Plus your your email provider may also access your emails under certain circumstances and share them with authorities.

Having a strong unique password is an important first step to ensure the privacy of your account. But there are other and stronger ways to keep your email completely safe from spying.

The following infographic, done by whoiswhostinghthis.com  describes four email privacy tools that can help you to secure your email using features like encryption, anonymity, auto self-destruction, and more. Some of them will work with your existing email accounts, while others will require the setup of a new email address.

email security infographic
Image source: Who is Hosting This?