4 AI Tools That Make Sales Jobs Less Stressful

In the professional world, a job more stressful and draining than sales may not exist. Monthly targets, converting leads into sales, or finding new markets and customers, salespersons have a sword constantly hanging over their heads.

In this tech world, things can be made easier with the right tools. There are many tools that may benefit us in our jobs. Precisely, AI is in the driving seat and it has bestowed us with countless apps and tools that may solve our problems.

Coming back to sales, AI has developed some exceptional tools and software that may help in making the jobs fun and easy. Plus, it goes without saying that we can easily share our workload with them, and trust them to get the work done.

This article is about the sales apps, tools, and software that are going to help you achieve your sales targets in no time.

Here, keep one thing in mind, the tools that we’re going to discuss use several internet-related features such as cloud storage, sales forecasting tools, and more, that may need an internet connection without any hiccups.

Using these tools on a subpar internet connection is futile. Simply because it may take tons of time to load these software, let alone use them. So, an internet connection like Xfinity works best with these tools. Providing speeds up to 1.2 Gbps, Xfinity is offering a variety of plans and packages to choose from. To know more about Xfinity, you can connect to Xfinity mobile servicio al cliente en español.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

  1. ChatSpot:

ChatSpot is a product of HubSpot and it’s like a combination of ChatGPT and HubSpot CRM. Just like ChatGPT, you can enter a query to get an answer from ChatSpot. Be it cold emails, follow-ups, or general queries about the brand, you can use ChatSpot for everything.

Besides basic ChatGPT features, ChatSpot helps with lead generation. It helps the users refine a large database via numerous filters such as revenue, location, and other demographics. This way, the tool filters out relevant leads according to your business.

ChatSpot is great for anyone already working on HubSpot CRM.


Because if you’re successful in generating successful leads from ChatSpot, adding them to your HubSpot CRM is no big ask. Plus, you can add the new contacts to one of your already existing contacts lists on HubSpot CRM.

  1. SaneBox:

Sales teams spend a big chunk of time on cold emails. It’s one of the effective ways to contact leads, that may convert to regular customers. Here, there’s one thing to understand. Cold emailing the leads isn’t much of a worry for sales teams. However, the major problem is to filter out the relevant replies they get.

Sales teams may receive hundreds of emails each day. Out of those replies, only a minor chunk may relate to sales. it can be messages, spam emails, automated emails, or generic replies. What SaneBox does is that it filters out the emails that you’re looking for. Instead of manually searching for relevant emails, SaneBox, using machine learning algorithms, can filter out the emails by email pattern, email content, and sender behavior.

Once filtering out your inbox, SaneBox creates additional folders such as SaneNoReplies, SaneNotSpam, etc. This way, locating the important emails becomes less of a task.

  1. Pipedrive:

Pipedrive is like a sales mentor for small and medium-scale businesses. Helping them to analyze past sales performance, this tool can provide valuable insights that may boost sales revenue.

Following a lead and deal management approach, the center point of using this software is to identify new markets, find potential leads, and convert them into valuable customers.

Also, Pipedrive can forecast sales predictions, keep track of sales, provide comprehensive reports, and spot opportunities for you to explore new markets and clients.

This software works with more than 400+ third-party applications. Even if you’re using HubSpot CRM, Pipedrive may integrate with it too.

  1. People.ai:

Bad data gets you nowhere. In sales, teams need authentic and accurate data to make informed decisions. People.ai is intelligent enough to analyze past sales reports of a team. Acting upon it, this software can come up with actionable insights that sales teams can implement.

People.ai also helps sales reps in automating tasks, saving them from redundant tasks like data entry in CRM. Plus, to manage and declutter their work pipeline, People.ai can come in handy.

Overall, it’s a handy tool for sales teams to have in their repertoire. Simply because this software frees sales reps from wasting time on redundant tasks and provides much-needed insights to make informed decisions.

Bottom Line:

There’s no denying that sales can be tough. However, with the above-mentioned AI tools on our side, things can be quite easier. From filtering out the database to leads generation and closing sales, these tools are powerful enough to overtake most sales-related tasks.