3 Ways Tech is Transforming the Events Planning Industry

3 Ways Tech is Transforming the Events Planning Industry

People are at the heart and soul of the events planning industry.

So sophisticated social skills and an eye for basic elements like food, entertainment and shelter that make corporate or private guests happy, stands any firm in good stead.

It’s also useful to have a little black book full of reliable suppliers and collaborators you can call on to transform your creative vision to reality.

But as well as curating the physical environment through sourcing marquee packages and booking ambient venues, events planners are increasingly harnessing technology so that each aspect of an event exceeds client demands.

If you’re interested in getting ahead of the curve, here are three ways tech is transforming the events planning industry.


According to the 2018 Global Meetings and Events Forecast, AI has various present and future applications that make events more exciting for organisers and attendees alike.

Prior to the event, AI-based design services can help organisers quickly create an aesthetically-appealing event logo — with no need to outsource to an agency.

And facial recognition technology can ensure event check-in is fast and secure, meaning no long queues or gate-crashers.

But this technology won’t entirely replace human security personnel — especially at events with high-profile guests.

Finally, events can ensure they’re fully inclusive for international guests by utilising accurate instant translation apps.

Wi-Fi and Live Video

When you want your event to reach social media followers or one-off subscribers, live event video recording and streaming brings them into the heart of the action.

You might choose to stream an entire event, or a limited segment like a keynote speech or award presentation — reactions can be shared by viewers during the transmission while video highlights can be shared afterwards.

Apart from facilitating live event video, arranging event venue Wi-Fi allows attendees to participate in interactive polls and promote your event on their social media channels via mobile.

Additionally, you’ll capture valuable data insights you might otherwise miss — allowing you to analyse the quality of event delivery and make improvements in the future.

Event planning apps

Precise planner events in london is the key to pulling off an excellent event and using event planning apps can help you outperform your competitors.

Once you know how to navigate a dedicated app, you might be amazed at the time it saves you.

Comprehensive planning tools have features allow you to efficiently build a series of related events, store the contact details of main speakers and coordinate suppliers, exhibitors and attendees.

Furthermore, they act as a project management tool that allow the team leader to monitor task progress, message team members and communicate with external stakeholders — while also automating ticketing and event information updates for attendees.

So overall, an event planning app could become an indispensable business aid.

These three examples of events industry transformative tech should be adopted by any forward-thinking professional who wants to consistently deliver excellent results for clients.

What’s your favourite event tech innovation? Share your thoughts in the comments section.