3 Tutoring Methods To Enhance Your Study Performance

The key to good study results and less stress is not to study a lot, but to study smart.

When you’re in high school or at university, the requirements for achievement and success are high. To live up to these requirements, it’s good to consider certain tutoring methods and develop a good study technique that works. We’re all different and different methods work best for each of us.

Study methods include everything from keeping relevant notes, being able to plan your study time, and underlining the right things when you read course literature. This will help you become more efficient and learn more in less time. The most important part is to test what works and feels best for you.

In this article, we’ll discuss different methods tutors recommend so that you can find the one that suits you best and enhances your study performance.

Online Tutoring

Learning online may not have been widely practiced before the Covid-19 pandemic but as students and teachers began studying and working from home, it also proved to be a very efficient tutoring method that yielded excellent results. Online learning is the process of gaining knowledge by using the internet, whether it’s through individual or group video calls, messaging platforms, digital courses, and webinars. Oftentimes, it’s a combination of these things to keep students more engaged.

Online tutoring has been shown to have many benefits. You can do it whenever you want, wherever you want, and repeat lessons as often as you’d like. You don’t have to leave home and the content is often optimized for effective learning.

For instance, many students find chemistry as the most difficult subject in school and usually need some help to understand the different elements and compounds of the periodic table and the chemical reactions. Chemistry is often described as the central science and many high school students or college grads who want to pursue a career in medicine are often encouraged to look for additional assistance and find the best-qualified chemistry tutor online to guide them through the learning process without losing track.

If you’re comfortable with using technology, online tutoring is a great option for you as it is accessible and provides beneficial resources like presentations, worksheets, videos, and audio lectures so you get the most out of learning.

Reading Up Beforehand

Tutors often recommend that you get acquainted with the literature at the beginning of a new school year or semester can make studying more effective. It saves time and makes you remember the most important parts.

When it comes to literature, you rarely need to read a book from cover to cover. By going through the book before you start studying, you can easily find the most important thing to read in the book and sift out what is less important.

Start by creating an overview of the book. You don’t have to understand everything you read from the beginning, but learn the structure of the book. Look at how the table of contents is structured, and think about which chapters address what the course is about. With the help of the course syllabus, you can see what the course objectives are. Use a highlighter and mark what is most important, so you can start from your markings when you then read the book more carefully.

Be Active During Lectures

Activating the brain makes it easier to remember. Asking questions, taking notes, organizing the notes, and rewriting afterward is an effective way to take part in lectures. Listening to a lecture is in principle not much different from reading a textbook, it is important to understand the context in order to be able to understand your notes later on. If you have a skilled lecturer, they will begin the lecture with what they intend to go through. This way you get an overview of the subject and can structure your notes better.

It is also common that some people listen better without taking notes. In that case, it is important to write down a summary afterward before you have time to forget what was said. Teachers often post a PowerPoint presentation after the lecture, and you can use this to structure your summary. You can also ask your classmates to have a joint discussion on what you found difficult. This way, you’ll gain better clarity on the subject.

Final Words

At some point, all of us have had some difficulty when studying. Luckily, there are certain simple yet powerful tutoring methods that can enhance your study performance and help you get better scores.

These tutoring methods will teach you to take a new approach while encouraging open communication, creativity and exploration.