3 Small Businesses Marketing Strategies That Cost Nothing

3 Small Businesses Marketing Strategies That Cost Nothing
3 Small Businesses Marketing Strategies That Cost Nothing

There are a lot of simple low-cost and in some cases zero-cost, marketing strategies that can be used for the promotion of small businesses. These strategies are also useful for medium size business and even for some of the large business.

Very few people use the given below three simple strategies as their marketing tools. Therefore, a complete description is given to remind them of the utility of these strategies.

Industry Trade Publications and Magazines

Every single market has industry trade publications and magazines that summarizes the events in the market and other things that are happening in it. It is a great source for a small business holder to tap in to, because what these industrial trade publications and magazines are usually looking for free content. They are looking for somebody with the knowledge of the market to produce content regarding an article or a document.

If you have a small business, then you can ask these industry trade publishers to publish your article in the magazine. You will not be paid for it, but definitely, you will get extra advertisement. They allow you to promote your products and services through this platform.

Basically, through this option, you appear as an expert in your field. It goes directly to your customers, the market influencers and tells them what you can offer them.

Work with Your Chamber of Commerce

The second strategy is to work with your chamber of commerce. In this way, you can secure a link, either on their website or blog about your business. For this, obviously, you have to a member of the chamber of commerce in your local town or city.

Being the member of the chamber of commerce is important because a lot of times, the first place the local customers go to is the chamber of commerce. Therefore, become a member of the chamber of commerce and get that link back to your website. This is a great and simple tool to get your local customers.

Social Media

Social media is a very difficult platform because there are a lot of companies, regardless of their type of market or the type of business they are running, who have their Facebook page or groups. The type of social media to be used depends on the type of your business.

For instance, if you have a business that is directly linked to the customers, then using a Facebook page or group is fine. However, if you are doing business to business, such as Investors Hangout, then Facebook does not work for you sometimes to persuade and target the type of people you want. For this, you can go to LinkedIn.

Therefore, if you want to use social media for your business marketing, then you have to match it with the type of services and products you are offering to the customers. This strategy is very effective and costs you nothing, except your own time.

You can put together these strategies right away to promote your business today.