3 Hints For Designing An Effective Landing Page

3 Hints For Designing An Effective Landing Page
3 Hints For Designing An Effective Landing Page

Nowadays every online businessman can create their proper landing page in less than an hour. The tool has been so aggressively advertised that today the question “what is a landing page anyway” can only cause an outrage on any social event where there are more than one online entrepreneur. However, not all online businessmen possess an effective landing page. And having one, that’s the trick!

An effective landing page is a one that brings all the benefits the landing pages experts quote. It can convert the visitors into leads for your business, increase your sales, make people think you are an expert or improve your SEO. The question is – how to design an effective landing page? Let me give you 3 hints which will make it come true.

Hint 1: Make each element of a landing page an efficient weapon

When you create a landing page you have to remember about putting all the essential elements such as headline, subheading, benefits of your product or service, call to action and lead generation form. Without any of this a landing page won’t be a landing page. Or at least – definitely not an effective one. If you have no experience in creating a landing page it is also worth checking out some landing page templates before to know how it should look like.

The heading should be a catchy phrase that will clearly affirm the most important benefit of your solution as it is the first thing the visitor reads. The subheading should further clarify what you offer and what is unique about your product or service. It should make the visitors sure that it is the thing they had been looking for. And the following outlined benefits should reinforce this belief.

The call to action should be placed somewhere on the top so the potential customers see it right away and don’t need a lot of scrolling down. It should be a clickable button encouraging the visitors to sign up for demo, purchase or try a free trial. And last but not least – the lead generation form should be kept short and only demand essential information.

Hint 2: Create authentic identity impression

To purchase your product or service visitors must be absolutely sure that both your brand and solution is reliable and trustworthy. If you build decent feeling of confidence in your offer there is a greater chance that the visitors will be prone to choose you instead of the competition.

The most effective landing pages are usually crammed with testimonials, positive reviews or trust marks. They all are considered the evidence of reliability, honesty and high quality which are the additional features that any customer looks for in anything they buy. Even you are a newbie you can start from asking your friends to try out your product and give reviews. It costs you nothing but can increase the authenticity of your offer to potential customers.

Hint 3: Check out the latest design trends

The design of landing page has been evolving like any other phenomenon in the digital marketing. Ideas and new concepts are born every day but only some of them stick around and make landing pages even more effective than they were before. Therefore, it is important to catch up and be up to date with the latest landing page design concepts.

The design matters as it forms the first impression which is crucial today. If your landing page gives an impression of being obsolete and dull people will turn to competition and choose their product over yours. It is crucial then to stay on the top of latest landing page design trends to prevent that from happening. I’m sure that’s what you want 😉

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