3 Benefits of Having Sports Physical Near You

3 Benefits of Having Sports Physical Near You

Your child’s school is organizing an annual field day  function. You can’t wait to see your child score a home run. But, wait! Are they fit enough to compete? Schools don’t want to be held responsible for your child’s health, and that is why they want students to go through a sports physical exam. What is a sports physical ?

Benefits of Having Sports Physical Near You

3 Benefits of Having Sports Physical Near You

What is a sports physical?

It is an examination focused on assessing your child’s ability to play a particular sport.

In a sports physical, your child’s physical condition is judged based on their physical attributes and requirements of the sport that they want to compete in.

Doctors check old injuries, disabilities, and abnormal conditions and suggest ways to prevent injuries and maintain safety.

Doctors may ask you to bring your child’s medical history when you come for their checkup.

They may ask you to bring the following documents:

  • Medical records for past and present illnesses.
  • Surgeries (if any).
  • Weight and height history.
  • History of respiratory disorders (if any).
  • History of past injuries and complications (if any).

The good part is that you have the best clinic for sports physical near you.

So, let’s look at some of the benefits you can derive from this assessment.

1. Your child’s medical history is assessed

You don’t want to risk your child’s life for a mere field day event. That is why it is best to assess their capability to compete in the sport of their interest.

Medical history assessment gives the doctors a clear picture of whether or not your child should compete in a high-intensity sports activity.

If not checked, complications like chest pain and respiratory diseases like asthma can prove to be fatal during high-intensity sports sessions.

So, doctors will examine your child for issues like breathing, chest pain, stomach issues, and neurological tests to ensure that they are fit to compete on the field day function.

2. Your child’s physical capability is assessed.

After the medical assessment is done, doctors will shift their focus on your child’s physical capability.

The assessment involves measuring the flexibility of their muscles and bones and the ability of their joints and ligaments to endure stress for long periods.

Doctors take blood samples to check blood sugar levels. They also consider a child’s height and weight to declare them fit for the sport.

Your child’s body will go through a lot of stress while playing. If their physical condition is not taken into account, they can suffer from severe lifetime injuries.

3. Experienced doctors will fill your child’s form.

Before allowing your child to participate in any sport, the school may ask you to get a form filled by a professional.

Since you have opted for a sports physical clinic, you don’t have to worry about the assessment’s credibility. Experienced doctors know exactly how to cater to the form requirements. They won’t leave any box unticked. From your child’s physical condition to medical history, they will fill everything in a professional manner. Since doctors themselves complete the form, your school authorities will approve it within minutes.

Summing it up

With a sports physical clinic nearby, you can get your child assessed anytime. Experienced doctors will check your child’s physical capability and medical condition based on past medical records. They will also let your child know what precautions they have to take regarding diet and physical activity to help keep the body active and reduce the chances of injuries.

Professional clinics are trusted by school authorities. So you won’t have to face issues like form rejections and incomplete form details etc. Doctors know exactly how to go about assessing your child and fill the form up simultaneously.