2014 Social Media Strategy Trends Forecast

2014, will see the refinement and elaboration of social media ideas floated in 2013, Amber Mac writes in a fast company article. We can expect to see more Snapchat-style disappearing-content formats, more well-designed long-form social content and the rise of private networks catering to users uncomfortable with the open-access ethos of Facebook and Twitter. Last year, social media remained as relevant as ever, as a lot of companies turned to twitter to engage their communities. Social media became very visible in 2013, as users signed up to Instagram and controversial picture sharing site, snapchat. An interesting statistic is that 85% of instagram adopters use the platform at work, much higher than any other social media format.

As for brands, they took advantage of the many social tools which encouraged local customer engagement unique campaigns were created that focused on bringing online content the real world and more companies appeared to listen to what the community really cared about.

Amber Mac lists 5 trends that affects the way we interact in 2014 online and Facebook’s bank balance:

  1. Disappearing media
  2. Better Blogging
  3. Private Networks
  4. Self Centred Social
  5. Airbnb for everything

Referring to point No 5, she says :

“Whether you want to borrow a drill from someone on your street using NeighborGoods or you’re looking to book an awesome pup sitter on DogVacay, the success of Airbnb over the past few years has helped to drive home this fact: social networks are built for sharing. If you need stuff, skills, or spaces, there are communities waiting to lend, rent, or give”.

Content Marketing is huge for brands and I think we will continue to see them continue to focus on content that’s useful rather than promotional. After all approximately 78% of Chief Marketing Officers believe that custom content is the future of marketing and engagement. This year, expect to see more visual content from your favorite brands.

Once you get your head around the trends, you will need a Social media strategy action plan. Take a look at the infographic below from from Mark Smiciklas at Intersection Consulting:

Image credit via by photoraidz