2 Startling Ideas to Change Your Life Beyond Recognition

As a wife and mother, you may never have contemplated the idea of changing your life beyond recognition.

After all, society merely expects you to do everyday things like managing your household, coordinating with your spouse to raise your children, and working at a job that leaves you with plenty of time and energy for family affairs.

No doubt all this is important when you are first starting a family. But what if your children are already in high school or college and your husband is well on his way up the corporate ladder? And what if you feel you have not even begun to tap your talents? Should you still continue to play the patient mom role and supportive wife? Or is it time for you to stun the world?

Here are some wild ideas on how you can change your life beyond recognition and truly inspire your children and future grandchildren.

Choose a Cutting-Edge Career

Imagine changing your life by launching a bold new career. Many practical career options available. You have plenty of options for improving the quality of your life, boosting your income, and transforming your social status. But what if you were to go a little deeper? Perhaps starting a little-known career option that would shock your family?

If, for instance, you have an analytical mind, you can choose a scientific career. You will not only change your life but also potentially change the world significantly.

Imagine a career in single-cell genomics. After going through a demanding education, you will step into a new world. A world explains the mystery of how 40 trillion cells work together to create the miracle of the human body. That mystery is being unraveled in laboratories around the country.

A lot of groundbreaking work still needs to be done in genomics with recent advances in computational biology to understand the biotic mechanisms of hundreds of human diseases.

Your work may comprise collecting primary tissue samples and examining cell culture. You might spend the entire day identifying cells using cell sorting machines that characterize cells with low signal-to-noise and high sensitivity, and specificity.

If you choose a career in a field like this, you will be doing intricate work in high-quality sequencing and analyzing single-cell structures to collect data that will play a critical role in achieving medical breakthroughs.

Your work will play a role in human evolution. For instance, data collected from genomics has made the new science of gene editing possible. Gene editing created CRISPR technology, a powerful way of editing genomes to alter DNA sequences in people who have rare genetic diseases that were once thought incurable.

Become an Athlete

You may already be an athlete. But perhaps you have been so busy taking care of everyone else in your family that you have let your diet and exercise slip and are no longer in the best shape of your life.

Imagine if you picked a fitness goal that would be beyond anything imaginable. Perhaps, as an example, becoming a triathlon champion like Sherry Rennard. What would you have to do to completely rejuvenate your mindset and rebuild your body?

Here are some changes you might make:

  • Study nutrition and select only optimum foods for your meals.
  • Work with a coach to follow a rigorous workout schedule.
  • Condition your mindset to never give up
  • Develop an iron will.

Here’s the Point…

You may have no interest in going back to school to become a scientist. You may also have no desire to become an athlete. But these examples illustrate a point about how you may have totally underestimated yourself, never contemplating how powerful and influential a person you could be.

What if you were a stunning example to your family of what is possible? What if you were to prove that you are strong enough to achieve anything?

Imagine reinventing yourself and changing your life beyond recognition? How thrilling would that be? Your life would suddenly become a thrilling adventure, a challenge that would push you beyond what you thought was possible for you.