10 Top Tips to Get the Most Out of Twitter

I recently read a research piece, which said that social media is too much focused on broadcasting, Twitter is one of these platforms that is sensitive for broadcasting. So how can you get the most out of Twitter and go beyond broadcasting and build up a great community?

Econsultancy posted 29 useful tips on Twitter, my top 10 from those are:

The more tweeting you do the more clicks you’ll get but overdo it and you’ll lose followers. No one wants their timelines hijacked.

  1. #hashtags are great way to gain exposure during conferences/events and interact with like-minded people.
  2. Twitter lists can be a great source of relevant people/companies to follow who might then follow you back.
  3. Setting up your own Twitter lists as a resource for others will provide traffic to your profile and can gain you followers.
  4. Keep note of your most engaged followers so you can call upon them when you want to share content. Twitter bots can grow your profile for you,
  5. Instead of retweeting, edit and retweet so the tweet belongs to you but be sure to reference the original tweet author by including a “via @tweeter” at the end of the tweet. This will increase your exposure.
  6. If people engage with you, make sure you get back to them, you’ll gain followers by interacting with and acknowledging them.
  7. Read a nice piece of content? Find the author on Twitter and tell them why you liked it, they’ll appreciate your feedback and might even follow you.
  8. Quote the most interesting points within an article in a tweet and reference the author and article link. Twitter folk love a good quote!
  9. Use your Twitter background wisely. Promote your other handles, mission statement, or URL of your site.
  10. Branding your Twitter page like you would your website will help grow your following. Customise your profile to be consistent with your website.

Some other useful tips can be found in the infographic below:

Statistics on Twitter usage:

Are you getting the most out of Twitter?