Fortune 500 versus Inc.500: Which CEOs Are More Social put together a report on whether CEOs at large companies, represented by the Fortune 500, or those at smaller ones from the Inc. 500, are more active and effective on social media. has created an infographic based on that information.

The data speaks for itself, the Inc.500 CEO’s are more social. If we take into account this article where is shown that Fortune 500 companies avoid social media, it could well explain why these companies are not integrating social media (accordingly) or excelling with it. Leaders are platforms and inspire their teams.

Having said this, I don’t agree that the CEO itself has to be (very) active on social media neccesarily. I think they need to have the vision that includes social and digital capabilities, understand why it is important and so on. This will reach the same inspiring curve as mentioned above.

The context in this all is key. Think of generations, working patterns etc.

Have a look at the infographic below, what data does strike you?