Transforming and Innovating With Disruptive Technologies

"Transforming and Innovating With Disruptive Technologies"

“Transforming and Innovating With Disruptive Technologies”

The event “Transforming and Innovating with Disruptive Technologies” will happen at Copthorne Tara Hotel London Kensington will occur the upcoming14 April 2016. This interesting event aims to raise awareness on how disruptive technologies are closely aligned with business innovation. These disruptions are appearing at an every domain of business and commerce; the element of surprise churns the existing order and new markets are created which by pass and or replace the old.

Today to survive and prosper, enterprises must understand the emerging disruptive technologies and at the same time innovate and harness such technologies. Disruptive Technologies are defined by Clayton M. Christensen as new emerging technologies that unexpectedly displace established ones.

Christensen used this term for the first time in his 1997 best-selling book entitled “The Innovator’s Dilemma”. The author established two categories of new technologies: sustaining and disruptive. Sustaining technologies corresponds to well-known technologies that undergo successive improvements, whereas Disruptive technologies means new technologies that still lack refinement, often have performance problems, are just known to a limited public, and might not yet have a proven practical application. But when they find their breakthrough, they bring tremendous change and transformation to the world.

What industries are being disrupted varies widely by sectors. It is dominant in music, books/newspapers, retail and advertising. There is however a mixture of organisations that are affected by the nature of speed of potential disruptions that will continue for a short timeframe. The potential is strong in Banking … Fintech players still have strong competition with traditional banking. Healthcare (Medtech) is progressing rapidly, but in transport and manufacturing, disruption is modest.

“Transforming and Innovating With Disruptive Technologies” aims to be a one day “Awareness Conference” designed so that the participant considers the various aspects before adopting new technology and methods and consider the challenges within the organization he or she works for, that needs addressing. Change must be approached as a project-by-project advancement rather than suddenly and completely.

The event is organised by UNICOM. UNICOM is a company established in 1984, that organises events and training specialising in the areas of business, IT and Quantitative Finance. The company’s products include conferences, public and in-house training courses (including certified training) and networking events.

Topics to be covered are:

Digital leadership for disruptive times,
New markets and new challenges,
Creating a new spirit of innovation,
Implementing disruptive technologies in a traditional organisation
Transforming business to create growth
The human capital and disruptive technology

There will be Case Studies about Start-ups, Smart Buildings, Healthcare and Retail. Speakers include Clive Holtham, Professor of Information Management from Cass Business School, Jim Anning, Head of Data and Analytics at British Gas Connected, Homes and Alan O’Herlihy, the CEO of Everseen, the company he founded in 2008 which is a rapidly growing international high tech company working in the areas of Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

All information about the event is available online at: “Transforming and Innovating with Disruptive Technologies”